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Great blowout for a reasonable price.

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Courtney dida diva cut on my hair. Shd an awesome job. It is the best cut that I have ever had. I will definitely go back to her.

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I came for the deva cut, which from what I understand each curl is individually cut. I explained to Andrea that I've had a string of bad hair cuts. She was able to see what I was talking about. I told her that I was growing my hair out and would like to take as little off as possible, unless she really needed to take of length to help get my hair properly deva cut and to help with my frustrating hair. She told me that she didn't think she needed to cut much off , that a deep sea conditioning would help. I told her again to cut if need be. She clipped a small amount off some ends in the back and claimed that the conditioning treatment and the use of multiple products would give me the results needed.. I once again asked if she was cutting more, she said she wanted to see what it looked like after washing and conditioning and adding product. I already knew I wouldn't get any results with the amount and area she cut. After styling I was disappointed and I told her that I felt that it looked better when I did it myself. I pointed out my areas of concern and she said your hair was tricky for me, and maybe I shouldn't have used the gel. She allowed me to leave knowing I was disappointed with the services, she didn't offer any products which would be good for me.

First of all if my hair was tricky for her or she felt the deva cut was something she wasn't able to do for me, she should have told me prior to. She could have consulted with another deva cut trained professional. Instead she tried to load my hair with multiple products in which she wasn't sure she should have used and didn't offer any suggestions to help me achieve better curls. The whole point of a deva cut is to give a cut personalized for your curls and to find the products that are right for you. I received nether. I'm aware that my previous hair cuts may have impacted the ability to complete proper deva curl cut. However if this was the issue ( which I'm sure it wasn't, as I gave ling hair and offered to let her cut what was needed) she should tell me instead of clipping a few ends and acting as if that was a proper deva cut. I plan on sharing my experience with deva curl, in hopes that they can refer me to someone who is correctly trained on how to do a Deva well as hopefully some kind of credit or something to make up for the fact that I have to pay for another hair cut. I was very disappointed and left there feeling robbed and very frustrated that I didn't make any progress on improving my hairs condition. It was like she really didnt know what to do. She was very friendly and I debated complaining for that reason..but I don't like to waste my time or money and I'm no closer to having the right hair cut for my curls. This was my first time to your salon and was very impressed with the appearance of the salon and the products offered and was looking forward to making this my new salon. The receptionist was friendly and helpful. I regretfully have to say that I will probably not be back or give good reviews or referrals bases on what I feel is lack of training or experience training with curly hair. I realize some of the other staff mat gave the experience and training, regretfully I didn't make an appointment with them.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Sam is amazing .She listens to me and always smiles.Everyone is very helpful and nice.

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The linens we dirty in the estitician room or stained. The estitician did not have proper lighting on when doing my eyebrows. I had to ask her to turn on a light so she could see my facial hair as I was also having my lip waxed. She was rude when I voiced my concern. She didn't wash her hands before it began.

5 stars Customer since 2017

I have gone to several salons in the last few years, trying to find a good fit. I really enjoyed my experience at Tanya's, and will be back! It's the little things that set them apart. Offering complimentary coffee and water, a massage while my hair was conditioning, comfortable chairs for hair washing (I usually feel like I'm going to die because I'm really tall and have to slouch down). Plus, Lindsay, my stylist was great at giving me lots of tips to keep my unmanageable hair under control! She was great. I don't usually by my hair care products at the salon, but I did on this occasion because I trusted her advise, and I got 20% off my service as a new customer. I highly recommend Tanya's, and especially Lindsay, and I'll be bringing my sister with me when I come back for my next appointment.

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Sydney always does a great job, and the staff is friendly and professional. You definitely get what you pay for!

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Tanya and everyone there always greets you with a smile! My hair color and cut always come out fantastic!

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Lauren is amazing!

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Samantha is the best. I've never stayed with a stylist before.... But I've been going to her for a couple years now. I trust her feedback and suggestions, and she's never steered me wrong!