96.3% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2017

Staff was very friendly and helpful Dr was thorough and willing to answer all questions, and the charges were reasonable.

1 stars Customer since 2017

I was not impressed and very disappointed with my experience here. For the first part, I arrived with both of my dogs 5 minutes before my appointment. I ended up waiting 25 minutes to be seen and was not informed by the receptionist that she knew that I was waiting, and that I would be seen shortly. I observed that there was one other patient who was there the same time that I was and they were in and out within ten minutes. I approached the receptionist and she told me that she didn't know what the vet tech was doing.

Finally I was seen and was not given an apology nor an acknowledgement that I had waited. Fine, whatever, I am not going to make a big stink about this. The vet tech was nice (guy with dark brown hair, 5'9 with glasses) and was gentle and kind to my dogs. The vet (Lisa Nguyen) came in and was nice as well, and she consulted me about my dog Odie. I explained that Odie had a missing tooth, so she evaluated her and told me that she had 2 out of 6 level tartar and gum disease. I was told that this was not imminent or a threat to Odie's health and that if I wanted, I could wait until Sept as they gave discounts on teeth cleaning. I was then told that if I opted, Odie would get surgery and have her teeth extracted and cleaned for a total of $619. I opted not to do this as this was clearly not an emergency, as I have a son, and my monetary priorities are different as I have a child to both raise and support. I couldn't help but feel judged that I didn't go forward with the procedure.

So I waited while my dogs were taken in the back to be given their vaccinations. I waited another 25 minutes for them to be given shots and I notified the receptionist that I would like to pay. She told me rudely that she didn't have the invoice from the vet tech and that she couldn't ring me up as she did not know the total amount. At this point, I am thinking to myself how much she must really love doing her job as she seemed to be really enjoying her day as I thought she must really have a stick up her butt. I beg to differ when I state that I am being sarcastic. I then explained to her that I had to go to work and still she took no initiative to get the invoice from the vet tech ti expedite the prolonged wait.

I left spending more than 1.5 hours here and ended up paying a good chunk of change, which was $201 for my first visit. I am definitely not impressed and most likely I will not be back. I did like the complimentary water and the dog treats that were available in the waiting area, however, this does not compensate for the quality and level of customer service that I experienced. I had better service from Dr. Cootaucau on Valley in San Gabriel as though the office may be old and dingy, I did not have to wait too long and was in and out with both my dogs within 1/2 hour that included a more affordable tab. As Yelp would say, EEk, me thinks NOT!

5 stars Verified customer

All the staff in the hospital are very nice and helpful. I came here only for the international health certificate for my cat. My cat kept calm in the hospital and she never got nervous with all the exams and shot, and the vets and assistants here are so professional.

5 stars Customer since 2012

My animals have been coming to Temple City since we moved to the area 4 years ago. And this was my first time bringing my dog Jack for a deluxe bath with full works. He came back so happy and sporting the cutest tie!!!!! He seems to be in better spirits now that he is clean!

3 stars Customer since 2017

The site is well-organized and clean. Staff were friendly. But Mochi had bad experience due to miscommunication.

When we were told that the care package included the haircut, but eventually found out he didn't have haircut. We felt very sorry for Mochi to be put under sedation but only had a bath. He could've had bath at home without sedation. The first package we received on paper was with shaving included. But the second paper we were presented and signed was without shaving. My daughter was with me and we both understood as Mochi will get a haircut, and we added nail/anal gland cleaning. Other than that, Mochi bit his tongue and was bleeding when I picked him up. The staff was having hard time put on his harness. They could've call me in to help, as I was waiting at the waiting area. I felt sorry for Mochi to biting his tongue as it never happened before, and could've been prevented.

5 stars Customer since 2015

The team at the Temple City Animal Hospital was friendly and accommodating as usual! This time Dr. Crittendale helped me and my brother's cat, Nepenthe, and she was wonderful.

Thank you all for being such kind, dedicated people to your patients and their owners!



5 stars Customer since 2017

Got our guinea pig at a chain pet store. When we learned she had a ringworm infection, I called them back to take advantage of the 30 day policy for vet visits and save some money. The store manager was trying very hard to get me to bring her back to THEM so they could, in turn, have her boarded at a contracted vet for over a month during treatment. This is my kid’s first pet and it didn’t make sense to send her away from her new family for so long just to treat a fungal infection, so I thought I’d get a 2nd opinion. Temple City Animal Hospital told me that boarding wasn’t common for ringworm, just a topical application we could administer at home for a month. So glad I called! If you are the kind of person that considers your pet’s emotional health, I recommend Temple City Animal Hospital. The staff were all very friendly and genuinely caring about our guinea pig.

5 stars Customer since 2000

Dr. Nguyen was very thorough in explaining my dog's health problem. She spent a lot of time with me and I appreciate the options she gave me for treatment. She gave me the option of treating my dog conservatively which is good for my pocketbook. I really appreciate that. My dog is home now and feeling good for the first time in months.

5 stars Verified customer

Everyone there was super nice and helpful. My whole experience there, from the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out, was great. I will definitely keep on coming back!

5 stars Customer since 2017

Very friendly staff. I was able to get an appointment for my dog the next day. Office wait time was short. They took the time to ask questions and listen to my concerns. Prices were very reasonable and I received a breakdown of my cost. Will reccomend this office to my friends and family.

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The Perfect Smile

5 stars 638 reviews

I've had plenty of dental work done in the past, and I mean plenty. From fillings to crowns to root canals to veneers, I've done pretty much all of it. I'm pretty sure I'll be a candidate for a bridge some day. I am new to the SGV area, so I had to search for a new dentist. I was spoiled by my old dentist back in the OC. I've been going to him for the last 15yrs. He's never charged me a dime for my work. I don't know how he did it, but he really hooked me up. I live really close by to Perfect Smile. I pretty much drive by it every day. So naturally, I looked them up on Yelp and decided to come see them one morning because of an annoying toothache. I was pretty certain I needed a root canal. They were nice enough to fit me in last minute. I met with Dr. Onruang. He was very personable and confirmed that I did need a root canal. He advised me that I would need to see an endodontist in order to do the root canal. Since the bad tooth is under a crown, I will need to come back to Perfect Smile after the root canal is done, in order to get a new crown. Fast forward a few weeks, my root canal is done. I came back this past Monday for my crown appt. I met with Dr. Tom. He was also very nice and professional. He walked me through the whole procedure, even though it's not new to me. I was bracing myself for the inevitable Novocain shot.. and to my surprise, it was quite possibly the LEAST painful shot I've ever gotten in ALL my years of dental work. No joke. I don't know what his technique is, but he's mastered it. Hands down. I was extremely impressed. I even complimented him. And when the dental assistant prepared my temporary crown, he nailed it on the very first try! That was quite rare too. Now here's the burn, the price. Because I haven't had to pay out of pocket for any dental work in the last 15yrs, I was not prepared for the cost of my crown, a whopping $720. My insurance paid $500. Holy cow, that's an expensive crown. But I guess that's how much it costs these days. I guess it's time I started paying for dental work, no more freebies. But with the great care and service, I didn't mind it after all. Fast forward another 2 weeks, got my permanent crown yesterday and again, the fit was PERFECT! I also got a cleaning done (haven't had one in over a year, yikes!). It was a little rougher than what I remembered, but then again, I knew it was long overdue. I will definitely be coming back.
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Lad Family Dentistry

5 stars 971 reviews

If you are apprehensive of going to the dentist, this is the place to go. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The office is immaculate. Dr. Sunjay was patient with me, explained everything that was going to happen and answered all my questions. My worst fear regarding the dentist is pain, Dr. Sunjay prepared two of my teeth for a root canal and to my surprise it was painless. If you need a good dentist, do not hesitate to call the Lad family dentistry.
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