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I had a 10 am appointment and did not get seated in the back until 12 30pm while 4 other people who came after me were seen before me and 3 out of those 4 were in there less than a hour

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Doctor Ponce and her Crew rock!! She accommodated our last minute request and graciously squeezed us in for which we are truely grateful. Extremely fast, professional, and friendly I would not hesitate to tell anyone to visit Tender Dental for any dental needs.

The Yeh Family

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I'm sorry for writing this bad review. I've been a patient here before and the Dr. And staff was great back then. For this visit , i went in with a toothache and the Dr. informed i needed a root canal which i agreed to it and paid my deposit before the procedure. Dr. Was great at first but while he was doing my root canal he answered his cell phone, which i thought was rude and then to make it worst he yells out to the staff and demanded that if he doesn't get an assistant he'll walk out( lol in the middle of my root canal). I was already afraid and nervous to begin with and to hear the Dr say that, it was a nightmare. When the assistant came she accidently dropped a tool on my front teeth which made my experience worst. Also the numbness was subsiding and i was not only feeling the preasure i was feeling the pain of him drilling and scraping. Before the procedure the Dr. Instructed me that if i needed him to stop, to raise my left hand which i did. Not only did i raise my hand i was saying "ouch" etc....but he wasn't paying attention ,i guess he was upset with something to begin with and kept drilling and scraping until he and his assistant start seeing my tears. To make it worst He later Commented that he hates to see his patients in pain and that i should've communicated with him which made me angry because i thought i did! ...i couldn't talk back to him because he wasn't done with my root canal. My fraustration and anger turned to tears and another assistant or manager asked what was wrong and i told her i just want to get this over with. She asked if i was in pain, and i told her that i was and that i want to get this procedure over. ( Dr. numbed me the 2nd time , only because he saw me crying).

The assistant made.an appt for my permanent crown in two weeks and asked what time i wanted..i told her that i wanted the morning but she said that it has to be at 2pm.....why ask if you can't give me a morning appt. She said the same Dr. Won't be in till 2pm. Isn't there any other dentist who can fit my crown! I don't want to see the same dentist!

Also the dental.assistant should change her gloves.when touching drawers, equipments and to xray machines especially before touching patients mouth.

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This place is like stepping in to a 3rd world country.

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I just left an honest but bad review. I'll bet they don't publish it.

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The worst experience with a dentist in my life. She spent "maybe" 5 seconds with me. Then her assistant says she is going to pull 11 teeth, they take a mold thing on my front teeth (which have no problems) instead of the broken tooth I went in there for. To top it off they want to give me a Zanax for the teeth pulling even tho they have all my medical history and prescriptions. My cardiologist forbids me to take muscle relaxants of any kind since my open heart surgery. I could have told the dentist this if she had actually talked to me while I was there. My daughter on the other hand, was given lots of talk time (we both had appointments same day, same dentist). Conclusion? My daughter paid $700 for her procedure while I am on Medicare and they only pay for extractions.

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Everything went good

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walk in with pain walked out with no pain and knowledge and happy that i dint have to take off from work open on the weekend

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The office clerk had the worst attitude

Also in Las Vegas


David S. Davis, OD PC

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I've been going to Dr. Davis for nearly 25 years and I find the quality of care and the caring of the whole staff a welcome change from many of the different medical facilities these days. They treat each patient individually, not like they're running a cattle call.
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