93.8% would refer friends and family to us

1 stars

*Extreme overcharging on subpar parts

*Incompetent Mechanics

*Expect Huge Delays & Multiple Mistakes

*Doug (owner) lies and treats customers like dirt

*Expect your car to never feel right or safe again

Documented replacement part robbery...

1 stars

I took my toyota truck in for an estimate for a 100,000 mile tune up. The guy was pretty nice at first but basically didn't know im well aware of what is needed but being female he just talked really fast and I walked out with a 1100.00 plus estimate. I then called toyota and got the same deal for 850.00 I called car czar and told them this. The guy got very defensive and called toyota a bunch of liars and told me he had been trying to do me a favor. Said toyota always bids low then jacks up the price. He also said that his shop does more work for the money even though the written estimate included none of the so called extra work. What a guy! I will tell evryone I know about their deceptive practices,, I plan on telling toyota also what cae czar says about them. Shouldn't run your mouth about your competition. Makes YOU look bad

1 stars Verified customer

Was charged at least 160%, and up 300% of market value for replacement parts. On several parts, I was charge more than the highest priced, highest quality part found locally and/nationally, and given a Napa aftermarket. Moreover, its been 4 weeks, and my vehicle still does not operate correctly or safely. It will be another weekend in the shop due to incompetence.

No explanation as of yet. No call back from the owner as promised.

Never again.

1 stars Customer since 2011

Took our Ford Explorer in to have the power steering pump replaced and the did that.. but they forgot to put the 40 dollars worth of coolant they charged me for back in the my truck. Oh and they forgot to put the engine cover back on.

Unacceptable for 750 dollars.

5 stars Customer since 2010

Excellent service, I thank Brett for his help.

4 stars Customer since 2011

98 Saturn SL2 would not turn over so I called the Car Czar-Citrus Heights and explained I had an important meeting to attend out of town. These guys are always busy yet they took my car when I came in and I was on the road in about an hour. Client of Car Czar for about 2 years.

Great Service / Reasonable Price

5 stars Customer since 2010

All that we asked for was inspected and repaired or replaced as was necessary. Anything that we asked about that did not need attenion was reported as good. All work was done in one work day as promised. I don't bring in my autos as often as you want, but I bring in all the work I know I can not do. Good and quick work.

1 stars Customer since 2010

Had a CV boot changed in a 1988 Honda Accord. The next day, I was driving to the East bay when the transmission failed. Had it towed back to Citrus Heights. Found that the part was either faulty or the install was faulty. We'll never know. They were nice enough to cover all parts and labor under their warranty and gave me a free oil change for my next service but still out $80 to tow the vehicle back to Car Czar.

5 stars Customer since 2011

I had a rewarding experience with the Car Czar in Citrus Heights. Brett was very informative and kept me informed on necessary repairs and parts needed to have my car running in perfect condition. It took a bit longer to get the maintenance completed but the crew stayed after hours to get the job done. I was very pleased with the service and the friendly and professional staff. I plan on returning to the Car Czar for any future repairs and service needs.

4 stars Customer since 2012

Took good care of our 88 Firebird...........First Matt on Monday, so kind and thorough, love that guy. Then Brett followed up on Tuesday. What can i say about him, not enough! He is awesome and very thorough and so pleasant to deal with. He took total care of car and us. Great experience all the way through the entire process, Thank goodness for Car Czar, been a fan forever, he goes way back for us.Love his knowledge and expertise. And great guy besides all that!!!!!