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Used to love coming here but unfortunately, we have to move on to a different groomer. Since when was there a behavior fee on my pup? He is the most behaved and has never acted out in the past. Also, we brushed the heck out of him before the bath but still got hit with the dematting fee. Clouds bath alone used to only cost us $60 just like any other places around the area. Suddenly his last bath was well over $120. Anyways, Thank you for all the good years with Mika and Cloud. The girls have always done a superb job with them and this was the only place Mika truly felt comfortable but we just cannot afford to bring them here anymore. However, this does take away from the fact that your groomers always have always brought our pups out looking perfect and happy. Thank you !

The Paw Spa replied:


Thank you for your review and we appreciate all your compliments on our service. You seem very happy with the work we do and we are glad your pets feel so comfortable with us.

We do want to make you aware of a few things though :

You have paid for the behavior/handling fee on your last 4 visits, so we are not sure why you took issue this visit ? Cloud's behavior/handling fee is for the additional handling (work) required of us to wash and groom. Cloud comes to us in a very hairy, matted condition, and requires quite a bit of extra work to get the way you like. Additionally, we've always needed additional staff to help keep Cloud upright during the wash / groom process. Not a bad dog, Cloud just requires quite a bit more work. Mika on the other hand is very snippy & difficult to work with. Not necessarily a bad dog, but does require additional handling because of behavior. Both are outside the norm of what's usually required for a wash & groom, and why there is the additional $5 behavior/handling fee.

When a pet is difficult or when we need an additional staff member to groom your pet safely - then yes, we do charge more ($5). We understand your pet is great at home, but that does not always mean they are easy for us to work with. It's not that you have a bad dog - but when it's a lot more work for us, it seems reasonable to charge for our additional labor. That's been our policy since we open our doors. Those fees are explained to our customers anytime we discuss price quotes, it's mentioned on our website, & is part of the release form you signed.

You mentioned that Clouds grooming went from $60 to $120, but that's not accurate. You were charged $95 (not $120) - which is the exact same price you've been charged on your last four visits. You've never been charged $120 for one dog. We aren't sure where you got that dollar amount from, but it's not fair to review us with that exaggerated price.

You've never been charged $60 either. Yes, you were once charged $65 - but that was 1 visit, and that's when you brought them in 2 weeks after a previous grooming and they were in much better condition. You have a hybrid breed of dog that is very difficult to groom and we believe our prices are, and have been, very fair.

We are very disappointed that for all the great experiences you've had with us in the past, you've never given us a single positive review. And when you do review us (negatively), your comments are either very misleading or completely untrue. We certainly feel bad when there is any negative review about us. We use this as an opportunity to see how we can improve our services. We just ask that the customer first give us a chance to make it right, and then if they are still unhappy, review us fairly.

We wish you best of luck finding another grooming facility that can do the work we've done, for what we consider a very fair price. And one that you and your pets will feel as welcome at, as they did with us.

The Paw Spa

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Very displeased I walk into the store for the first time yesterday and it’s very nice inside kinda small but still nice and I get up to the counter with my cat and the lady asks me if i have ever been here before and I said no and then she asks if my cat has ever been groomed before and I also say no. After that I fill out a card and other information and then they take my cat without telling me anything how much it is, what they’re going to do to my cat, and never asked me what I wanted done because I know my cat hates water so I didn’t want them to give her a bath but they did anyways I just wanted her shaved and trimmed the only thing that did reassure me of anything was they said they were going to take it slow since she’s never done anything like this before and so she was really nervous. I dropped her off at noon got her back a five o’clock they told me they weren’t able to do a second wash and some more trimming which is fine cause my cat wasn’t letting them and then 70 dollars later I get my cat. All the while they were calling her a he and calling me by my worng name so I thought I was gunna end up with some one else’s cat. All in all not very happy they gave me very little information on anything when I clearly told them I hadn’t done anything like this before and they just took me like a regular customer who’s done this a thousand times.

The Paw Spa replied:

Thank you for the compliments on our store Derek, we are very proud of it. We are scratching our heads about the rest of your review though. You seemed happy when you picked up your cat. We believe we have the friendliest & most caring staff you'll find (see our other reviews). And we're certain we make every new or returning customer feel very welcome in our store.

It's IMPOSSIBLE that we would do any work without first knowing what our customer wants to have done. We can't even start the process without first knowing what you're appointment is for. You asked for Full Service Grooming - which we gave you. Your statement about us "never asking you anything" is not true. We're sorry you felt unsure of things - but if that's true, you didn't say anything when you dropped your cat off.

Now, we do often times take the customers pets to our kennels in back. But that's so you're free to complete the check in process, without your hands full holding your pet while trying to fill out any paperwork. For a new customer - our staff would then walk you thru the process, ask you some questions, and then give you an idea of what to expect. If you had any "specific" questions about your grooming, our friendly staff would have been more than happy to answer them - but you have to say something. If at any point you felt as uncomfortable as your review makes it seem, we are curious why you still decided to leave your pet with us ? If you were that unsure, you never said a word. We would have gladly answered any of your questions or reassured you of the process - but you never spoke up ?

We're very sorry you felt as uncomfortable as your review makes it seem - that's never our goal - but we believe you should have asked questions or said something when you dropped your cat off - not after the fact.

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Excellent service

The Paw Spa replied:

Thank you for your review Veronica - we look forward to your next visit !

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Layla and Ruby have been coming here for years. We really Love how they get treated . The staff are very professional and makes sure your dogs are pampered. Our dogs have a complete SPA day and are eager to return.

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The Paw Spa is wonderful! The groomers are very welcoming and kind. They take great care of our Minnie every time. She looks great! Thank you!

The Paw Spa replied:

Thank you for the 5 stars Ginny - we appreciate your compliments and look forward to seeing you and Minnie back soon.

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Enjoyed using your facility to bathe Rex ( our 85 lb lab/Vizsla). The shampoo, conditioner and treatment were great as well as the set up for the blow dryer. Didn’t realize you do other services, like clipping nails, à la cart. Will do that next time.

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Great job for grooming on my golden retriever!!

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We love the Paw Spa! We have our kitty shaved like a lion after her bath/grooming and although she is mad at us all for that, we know she loves how cool she feels! Thanks Paw Spa for the expedited service, same day appointment and friendly staff!

5 stars Customer since 2017

Great service, knowledgeable staff

The Paw Spa replied:

Thank you for taking the time to review us and for giving us a 5 star rating Dana. The Paw Spa

5 stars Customer since 2018

It was only my second tome there and both times have been a great experience! I like to bathe my dog and their facilities are so clean and everyone is so helpful and friendly. I will become a regular!