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Still difficult for elderly patients to get a necessary message to their doc and get a response. Phone messages don't get to the practitioner quickly enough. Most elderly don't use the internet or if not feeling well need to rely on what they know best....the telephone.

Specific doctors are great, others not 'patient friendly'

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Was a very informative/helpful visit. Stephanie Huang is friendly, attentive, knowledgable and accommodating.

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As always every one was very nice.

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The Neurology Center is GREAT!!!

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The only reason I still remain, as a patient, at this office is because of Dr Blumenfeld. He has been my Neurologist for well over 10 years. The new office on Hidden Valley Rd. in Carlsbad has a definite feeling of a DMV office. The ladies behind the counters are in no way happy, helpful, nor questionable HIPPA compliance. The only bright spot in this dismal office is Michael, thank goodness he transferred from Encinitas. The rest could take some serious patient/customer relation skills from this truly shining star. The patients are not an inconvenience to the staff, the patients are why the staff are there- remember?! In this day an age finding a good Dr is as difficult as finding good staff in the office- finding both- near impossible. Sad state of our healthcare system. This rating is not a fair depiction for my Doctor- he is great, however, this rating is definitely, greatly, influenced by how incredibly, poor the staff treats patients, which is factored into the rating-there is not an option otherwise to delineate the two catagories.

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Great as usual.

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While the actual visit was fine this time (last time there was a scheduling mix-up, so I went to the office and there was no one to see me and I had to come back a few days later), when I tried to confirm the prior authorization details, it was very challenging. I understand that you just switched software systems and people were in training, but I had to make many calls to confirm that my procedure and the medicine were approved by my insurance company. I made many calls to my insurance company as well, and to the specialty pharmacy. I won't go into the details of how many times I had to call all 3 places, but when I called your office, I was transferred to the Botox specialist. At least once, someone said that she wasn't at her desk at the moment, but that I could leave a message and she would call me back Her voice mail is not personalized, so it would just say on the message that the person was not available. I would leave a message. Then I would call back a few days later and she or someone else would tell me that she was in training for the past two days. When someone figured out that there was a problem with how the insurance company issued the auth, I was told the PPO person was checking on it and would call me back with the status. That person never called me back, but the pharmacy did. So it was a very frustrating experience to try to get information. I suggest that you don't tell patients they will get a call back unless they actually will. I would rather be told that I have to call back in X days than to not get a call at all. I used to work in a busy private practice physicians' office, so I know how some things are done with respect to referrals and authorizations. Luckily, I have a job where I can perform some tasks while I'm waiting on the phone on hold, so I was able to call my insurance company and the pharmacy each week to try to get updates. Unfortunately, this seems to be how the medical system is now, but it's very discouraging for patients.

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Dr. Schim and all of the staff at the Neurology Center are worthy of 5 stars. Dr. Schim changed my life and gave me back my joys that migraine had stolen away for many years. He does his magic with a smile and usually some great stories of his travel adventures. He validates my experience and he will not tolerate for me to let myself suffer.

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5 star treatment.

Your staff clearly explains everything and are very couteous.

Felt very comfortable at each visit.

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From checking in to checking out very afficent and helpful