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Dr. Bibbhu Misra, his wife Julianne, and their staff are all amazing leople! Dr. Misra and Julianne are absolute angels on this Earth, because they enthrall themselves entirely into the betterment and recovery of their patients. Dr. Misra and his team always have the patients best interest at heart, and will do everything in their power to improve your quality of life. Misra chiropractic makes you feel like family, because they familiarize themselves so well with the conditions of the patients, are always compassionate and caring, as well as respectful to the needs of each individual patients health condiions. I have suffered from a brain injury and cervical spine injury since experiencing a work accident in September 2013, when a broken ladder on a crane caused me to fall head first into the solid steel of a backhoe. Since this injury occurred I have suffered with daily pain, discomfort, daily migraines, shooting pains/spasms from my cervical spine and other modalities that Dr. Misra identified from the injury on my scans and assessment ( of which he has been correcting), as well as a multitude of other neurological symptoms. When I enter the office, since I always have pounding migraines, they even go through the effort to make me as comfortable as possible by turning out lights because of my photophobia, and turning down or off their music to help reduce my phonophobia and tinnitus. They also utilize ice packs to help decrease inflammation or flare ups from my muscle spasms/shooting pains in my neck during and after treatment. That level of care, kindness, and compassion is part of what makes Misra Chiropractic such an amazing place to get treated.

I wasnt able to begin chiropractic treatment until a few years following the work accident due to insurance reasons, but nevertheless Dr. Misra worked with me and ensured me that he would do anything he could to alleviate my pain. Since seeing Dr. Misra beginning mid-way through last year to currently, I have been making leaps and bounds in recovery thanks to Dr. Misra and his staff. This has been the first, true and lasting relief from some of the pain that Ive been enduring since the fall of 2013. I am completely at awe with the magic that Dr. Misra performs in his office, because he has most certainly made great changes for me and is continuing to help improve my quality of life.

I was so locked up following my work injuries, experiencing constant pain, muscle tension and spasms, sharp shooting pains, and overall discomfort in my neck and back after the accident. But Dr. Misra steadily breaks through the barriers of that old injury, and continues to this day to improve my mobility, lessen my pain, increase my ability to maintain good posture and flexibility, improving my quality of sleep as that was a real struggle due to the horrendous pains, and for help restoring functionality to my daily life once again after I had surrendered to the thought that this condition was untreatable and that i would have to continue to endure this pain for the remainder of my life. So thank you Dr. Misra for your continued efforts in reducing the severity of my injuries!

I definitely recommend paying his office a visit and beginning working with them today. I have complete trust in the capabilities of Dr. Misra, and I know with his aid and the aid of his staff through adjustments, manual therapy, the daily excercises and yoga, and dry needling that I will continue to experience a better quality of life after injury.

If you let loosen the tension in your body, be at ease, and hand your complete trust and confidence over to Dr. Misra and his staff, then they will be able to work wonders to correct and adjust your body to deliver you to the gates of improved overall health and quality of life.

Thank you Dr. Misra, Julianne, and everyone at the Misra Chiropractics Ohm Center for the amazing work that you do! I have been blessed to have been treated by you and to continue treatment with you, thank you and God bless you all!

If you are injured, in need of adjustment, want to improve your posture to prevent spinal degradation and joint inflammation, or even just want to maintain your spinal health then I would highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Misra Chiropractic at the Ohm Center today!!!

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Both Dr H and Dr M and great. Consistency between them is spot on when it comes to treatment and they always great me by name and a handshake. I would highly recommend them and have to many people.

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Dr Misra was very thorough with his history taking making sure to get all the vital information so that he can give the best treatment . Staff was very friendly and helpful. Thank you for a great experience.

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Excellent care provided

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My daughter and I have both had outstanding results from our work with Dr. Misra, Dr. Hervey and Julianne, yoga therapist. We are grateful, that as part of the treatment program, both doctors made sure that we had a homecare program so that we could manage our conditions and maintain the improvement that we both experienced. Fabulous staff, most skilled manual therapist ever!

5 stars Customer since 2018

Misra Chiropractic has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Everyone I have met and worked with at the clinic has been very helpful and caring. Great environment.

5 stars Customer since 2012

I can always count on a clear diagnosis and effective treatment plan from either of the chiropractors at the Misra Chiropractic Clinic.

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I had an amazing Reiki session with Terri. I feel so much better! I love everything this clinic at has to offer. Their entire staff truly cares and takes the extra steps required to help you!

5 stars Verified customer

Friendly staff. Dr H and Rachael were professional, knowlegable and made the appointment fun. After one session and a few adjustments my pain is less than it has been in months. I can’t wait for my next appointment.

5 stars Customer since 2013

Dr. Misra is the best Chiropractor. He is so knowledgeable that feels like he has a magic touch. He knows and what to do and his diagnostics are very accurate.

I feel much better each time I visit him.

Also the his staff are very professional and friendly. I feel very comfortable as a patient while I am at their facility.

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