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Im a witness they killed my cat ! ! ! NOT RECOMMEND go somewhere else !!!

I took my cat here yesterday, he had normal temperature eat well two meals per day drank his water pee and poop before taking him anywhere is was an elderly cat kind and fragile like elderly person.

I'm from Kendall south Miami I have a vet there. Reason I took him to the urgent care was due because it was 5pm and no veterans offices where open at time so why not I decided for a faster little checkup regularly like the one I do at Miami. My baby kitty was fine breathing ok knowing he was old. I repeatedly told them I was cold and the cat due to having my house below 70 degrees I have a studio apartment due to COVID and sanitation for 3 days straight. They though the cat had low temperature I told them not, then they told me they where going to do an ultra sound check up they did then ask better for blood work, I agree but these people abuse my cat it seems they removed his little left blood cells he had left they show me a huge geringe the size of a large dog was cover in blood with a tiny of white liquid. I told them that no what the heck they did I only ask a blood test, they gave me my cat in agonizing pain cold as ice not how I left him, then they told me I gave them the cat in such way I talk to the Stefan a under graduated arguing with me stating the cat was in poor conditions he was not he eat good was not agonize wen I took him there. They gave my cat cold ice mouth open half dead he pass right away wen I arrive home 3 minutes after. They have killed my cat these people are not professionals a true Proffesional woulda have done a small sample of blood test the regular check up ultrasound of his belly and just leave him tranquil due to his age and if he had low blood cells NOT TO TAKE AWAY WITH A LARGE SIZE GERINE WHAT HE HAD LEFT OF BLOOD THE POOR ANIMAL AND WORST THEY SHOULDA TOLD ME EXACTLY WHAT WAS DONE TO HIM AND THAT HE WAS NOT GOING TO SURVIVE NOT EVEN 10 minutes!!! THEY ALSO TOOK 3 hours in that place which the urgent care was not full nor pack at all.

What they did to him in there ? They Torture animals they are all young seems undergraduates use to killing left and right pets dogs and animals. I wasn't even advised wen they gave me my cat ice cold. I did not took him with does temperatures. Probably they lab experimented on him and most likely took away his blood cells to inject it to another animal to keep the money for their facility charging clients and killing animals.

They kill my cat these idiots ARE UNPROFESSIONAL. And I repeat did not go there for urgency matter was only a belly check up. They kill my cat dead today I can't even bare with pain I'm devastated.

Also, not to mention the price fluctuated 1451, 1560 to 21500 which show how unprofessional they are ! They are not vets they are emergency of death experiences reason for the price and their unprofessionalism that's an ER not a care for your beloved animal pet is a torture rooms for deaths to be done. Disgusting place I even talk to the vet after 1 hour of pass was in my house he told me vet name Estefan and Ms, White oh it's a shame it is what it is. Their response, how they worked and not care for i divísala are horrible also the front desk mid age lady with a ponytail has an attitude I don't know why people of such nature work in such place if they don't like they profession they should leave but not mistreat the loving animals there and Jill them just for the hack of it and then give an untruth story told. I wish I coulda record all the conversations because what the vet said did not match the occurrence being done.

They should be sue for their unprofessionalism. Bastards ! Idiots .

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They saved my dog’s life! A few weeks ago my dog was brutally attacked by two dogs. I am convinced she would not have made it if not for Dr Johnnides and the amazing staff, including front desk. I visited my dog every day, sometimes twice a day in the back room ER where the real magic happens. I witnessed firsthand the innovative care, comfortable accommodations and love they provided my dog. And, not just my dog. Every pet is handled with so much affection and tenderness while receiving high quality healthcare. It is obvious that everyone from the front desk staff to the office manager and in between, adore animals and this shines through in their handling of our pets. I cannot say enough. Thank you SVRC!

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Bad place to take your pet.

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The staff was very caring and concerned about helping our dog. They checked him thoroughly and explained everything and gave us options . Highly recommend them.

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SVRC & Pet Emergency is amazing ! This was the first time we had ever needed emergency care for our little pup & everyone there made us feel welcomed and truly gave excellent care to her. The whole team is kind and communicative with updates too. They truly do their best !

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Dr. Carter is amazing!!! And Reina the RN as well!

They treated both myself and my dog with the utmost respect and concern! The staff Very helpful and gave us immediate attention!

I would definitely have no issue with returning to this clinic and/or recommending them to others.

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Dra Caro was excellent as always, as was everyone who works there.

very punctual in appointments, cleanliness and unbeatable organization

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My kitten died soon after the treatment. Awful.

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So my dog went in as an ER and had to stay a few days because of his condition. There was a few hit or miss with the staff as far as tech and dr went. For starters don’t have any hopes of having a face to face conversation regardless if it’s the internist or ER which is ridiculous with the amount money we paid. The internist over our dog care also had horrible bedside manner with no compassion with what we were going through what so ever. But she did know what she was doing as far as her knowledge and care for the dog which is what we cared most about. That aside they are some great knowledgeable and caring vet techs there like Chris, Vanessa & Bianca they were understanding, informative, & showed concerned. You could tell they love the job they do. Front desk was fine all except one of the girl Natalie her customer service was awful have no idea how she is able to hold the position she has let alone be in contact with clients. The only other thing I could see I don’t like is that they don’t offer you any type of break financial obviously people need to get paid for the services that they do but we you dog had been hospitalized for a few days and his condition requires you to have to come back weekly or bi weekly for check up and add into the mix that you could face having to come back to the ER for the same condition as an emergency if things go side ways and they tell you you would still have to pay full price for it all just shows that you are a walking bank to them. Have some compassion especially in today day and age have a reward or point system it’s not all about the money.

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Excellent service and attention waoooo excellent