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100.0% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Verified customer

I am very please with the customer service and all of the Work that has been done to my vehicles. A++++++++ job

5 stars Verified customer

Always a good experience with The Shop! They are quick on troubleshooting the problem and having a solution ready.

5 stars Verified customer

Reliable, efficient, trustworthy and extremely helpful service! Staff is courteous warm and friendly.

5 stars Verified customer

The thing I hate most in the world is getting screwed over by auto repair places, but I am happy to report that for the past few years, I've used The Shop (in Atascocita) for all my repairs, and have had a great experience each time. The work is always done in a timely manner, and on more than one occasion, they've stayed late to accommodate my schedule.

I still hate getting automotive work done, but at least I know that I'm being treated fairly and honestly every time.

5 stars Verified customer

The Shop has been working on my vehicles since they opened. I appreciate the time they take to explain the repairs that have been needed on my car. It's difficult to trust some mechanics but they've always done well by me.

4 stars Verified customer

Had a power steering leak and they guys at the shop were able to fix right away. They were able to let me know other problems on my car and this issues got resolve. Great service in a timely manner.

4 stars Verified customer

Firstly, I'd like to say that everyone there was very friendly and willing to personably work with you to get the service request completed. However, there were quite a few time and financially consuming issues that I hope to never come across again should I decide to come back by.

So my story begins like this: I used to get all my major warranty related repairs done at a Texan Dodge dealership. But after having to deal with surprise additional cost on several different occasions, oil stains all over my door, seat, headliner, and carpet, I said "never again." So I decided to come to The Shop where I had been previously getting my vehicle inspected for the past 4 years. My particular issue had to do with a 4WD service light that came on one afternoon after getting off of work. So I called, The Shop, explained to them what was going on, and they said the warranty company should handle it. I brought it in later that week, and I was reaffirmed once again by one of the managers, whom said he called the warranty company and verified that the work would be covered by the extended warranty company. That day (or the following day, I don't recall), that all changed, and I was told that my repair wasn't covered. In the process of trying to repair my Jeep Grand Cherokee, they were given a slew of error codes and I suppose they decided that a reprogramming would fix it. This reprogramming was mentioned in a service bulletin that Jeep put out a while back; however, this type of repair wasn't covered under the extended warranty. This would have been fine if they would have told me, but instead service was performed anyway without my acknowledgement, and I was essentially forced into paying a near $300 service fee for something I was told would be paid for. I was pretty upset about that given all the previous guarantees and assurances.

I paid it, and just left it at what it was. Unfortunately, less than a month later, the light came back on. I called, and they told me to bring it back in to see what's going on. Now, the person that did the programming was only available during certain times and days of the week, so because of this and the shuttle not being available my vehicle was driven back and forth to The Shop at least 4-6 times costing me at least another $100+/- in gas alone. Towards the last visit, they were finally able to narrow the error code to a failed transfer case motor and a damaged plug. Now, being this has turned into a mechanical repair, the extended warranty company now covered the cost. Though they got it repaired and paid for through the extended warranty company, they still needed to reprogram it again to clear the error code, which meant another trip back to The Shop the following day. So that took place, and finally thinking that this is over, I get ready to get in my car, and find that someone got oil all over the door well of my vehicle that I just spent several hours detailing days before. The person I spoke to at the desk was kind enough to clean it up...

Again, all in all, I feel that I could trust them with future repairs, but given the multitude of changes I went through I'd like to see a restructuring of how service calls are handled here. I still feel cheated out of the $300 I spent because of their misdiagnoses, and the gas I spent driving back and forth to The Shop. And I don't think they had any intentions of refunding this amount which I felt would have been fair given it was their mistake and not mine that they couldn't get an exact readout and chose the repair method they did. I hope in the future they take the time to make sure their customers are aware of major changes to the promises given earlier on--especially the several hundred dollar ones. I also hope that they start utilizing a "once over" to ensure that the vehicle goes out the way it came in.

If I can come in knowing I can get that, they'd have my business for life!

1 stars Verified customer

I went here a year ago for work on a car I bought - it had tons of after market work done when I purchased it. The gentleman at the shop was very convincing that he could help adjust/fix some of the issues with the lowered frame and extremely low profile tires (as I drive all day, one time hitting a pot hole busted the tire and cracked the custom rim). It took at least 2.5 months to get everything done that he recommended (raised it a little, put slightly bigger tires on it, and so on) - he really SEEMED like he knew what he was doing - nut a few weeks later, I'm back because the tires are shredding from hitting the frame too much! they said none of their work was under warranty and I was looking at spending a couple more thousand on replacing the 4 brand new tires again. I'm sure these guys are great for normal stuff/repairs/oil changes - but not for anything else!

5 stars Verified customer

Great Service Thank You

The Shop replied:

Thank you so much for the feedback! We truly appreciate the kind words!

5 stars Verified customer

Had an oil and filter change with a tire rotation, they started as soon as everything was wrote up and did a great job, as usual, and I was on my way.