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What others had to say

1 stars Verified customer

Closed...thieves....my son purchased $100.00 gift card... Now we can't even obtain a refund. What kinda people do that...

1 stars Verified customer

Thank you for reminding me I'm over due for an appointment. I would make an appointment and use my gift cards but they are no longer valid since the company closed their doors without notice to those that bought gift cards for the holidays.

5 stars Verified customer

I just had a mini-face & mini-neck lift at Tiffany's and I love it!!! Dr. Andre Edmonds was so kind throughout the whole process. My sister is going to get her's done next.

1 stars Verified customer

DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!thinking of having SmartLipo, think again. I had it done 3 years ago and I regret it. I was left with an uneven stomach, I have this indent in my stomach I never had before. My stomach is not any where close to being flat like the results were suppose to be. My stomach and sides look deformed. I'm embarrassed for my husband to see me without a shirt on. So I say please be very cautious if you are thinking about it.

1 stars Verified customer

I got the One Hour Facelift a little over a year ago and am very unhappy with the results. I knew I would not have the longevity of a full facelift, but to be back to where I was in only a year is ridiculous! I definitely wasted my money. My droopy jowl area is back to where it was a year ago - no different. I am very disappointed. All I have to show for my money that I spent is two scars, one that is very lumpy and has required the work of a dermatologist to diminish the scar. I see no benefit to the One Hour Facelift at all - a definite waste of money!

5 stars Customer since 2013

My daughter and I had facials on Friday September 27th 2013 and everything was perfect. Could not have been more inviting from the minute we walked in. Great customer service at the front desk and very relaxing facial. Will be back for many more treatments. Have a new FOREVER customer. Thanks for the great day. :)

5 stars Verified customer

My massage was the best I've ever had. I used the sauna & jacuzzi before my massage so I was relaxed going into the massage. Her hands were strong but I wasn't in pain afterwards. The whole experience was like a mini-vacation.

5 stars Verified customer

My eyelids look fabulous! The surgery was so easy and the recovery was painless. I did my research first and felt very confident in Dr. Andre's trauma surgery background as well as his cosmetic surgery training & background, not to mention his previous professorship at a medical school in Illinois...see I told you I did my research! ??

5 stars Verified customer

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! My facelift & neck lift look amazing! I feel young & excited to look in the mirror each morning! Dr. Andre Edmonds is the best! He & his staff were so nice. I can't wait to get something else done!

2 stars Verified customer

I checked out the place very nice, but has anyone checked this Dr.s

Credentials? Is he a Dr. for cosmetic surgery?