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90.0% would refer friends and family to us

1 stars

Seems someone removed my last post saying how frustrated I am because I thought my car was fixed and that the owner, Don Hanks, came thru. Maybe he thought so too. But what he didn't know was that between services at his Cottonwood shop I took car to my well respected mechanic in Sedona and he reviewed car thoroughly and made suggestions. Took it back to tire pro to fix but two weeks later with little driving, I had to have car towed to Sedona. After 5 times at Tire Pro, no way was it going back there. Tire pro actually broke hoses, tie rods, etc. talked to owner last Friday and he was going to call me back. Tuesday no call.

Guess businesses don't understand how powerful viral reviews are. They can delete this again but I have 10 more channels.

1 stars

Trust me. Do NOT let Tire Pro Automotive do mechanical work on your car. Thought they fixed mine (not complicated repairs) but after being in shop 5 times, they ended up breaking more than they repaired. Drove it very little after getting it out of shop (with owner paid for repairs at last visit) but then had to be towed to an HONEST, KNOWLEDGEABLE shop in Sedona today. I'm telling all my friends to stay away!!! My mechanic says they broke several items installing new struts.

3 stars

I had posted earlier about my frustrations, but wanted to let you know that the owner came thru, after a bit of my yelling at him, which I don't normally do. He stepped up and reordered parts at considerable expense to them and satisfactorily repaired car. We have sent a lot of people there for tires & work so we are glad they came thru. If you have problems, ask for Don the owner, he will listen if you push.

1 stars

My car has been in this shop four times & service was diagnosed. Took way longer and way more than they said! Work no done properly, kept getting mechanics tell me noises I heard weren't there, then finally heard it. Promised work done quickly again but wrong, owner keeps firing good employees & no one knows what is going on. I recommend you go ANYWHERE but here!!

Serious problems with newer owner. Sense mechanics are unhappy but captive!

5 stars Verified customer

I had a trailer tire come apart and do moderate damage to my trailer (split weld on fender, brake line, etc.) While trying to remove the wheel, I also broke several studs where the lugs attach. Tire pro not only recommended a good tire shop in Page, but also fixed my trailer up into working condition once I arrived home. They replaced 3 tires, made all the repairs necessary and were very easy to work with. Convenience, great communication from Don Hanks, and professional work! Thanks Tire Pro Team!

5 stars Verified customer

The Cottonwood location of Tire Pro Automotive is easy to get to and has employees who are eager to please. They are not pushy about having extra things done but calmly and professionally explain their suggestions. Being a woman, sometimes you are left feeling like you asked stupid questions. Not here. They were very respectful and took the time to let me ask questions. Great place!

2 stars Verified customer

Appt was at 4 pm, did not take car into garage until 5:30. When I called ask for 0/20 oil. When I arrived I reconfirmed 0/20 oil. I saw them put in 5/20 oil... They changed it but not listening to customer..Twice asked about tire rotation, ask the mechanic and they did not rotate tires... Cant trust what I say to get done. Not sure I would return as a result.

5 stars Verified customer

This store used to be Community Tire before Tire Pro acquired it. The good news is they managed to keep the talent. Jim, the tech there, has been servicing my Xterra for over 8 years and I am grateful that Tire Pro manages to keep him on staff. As usual the service was exceptional, the timing perfect and the results are expert level. There's been a lot of trust built over these 8 years and I'm glad to report that my auto needs are well cared for because of that.

5 stars Verified customer

I use Tire Pro in Cottonwood for all my vehicles. They are friendly,professional and always provide quality services. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of the services they provide.

5 stars Verified customer

...is a continuing process, and I am very glad for the professional help that Tire Pro gives me. I am very confident in their work and concern for my safety.