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Great place!

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Thank you to Paul and his crew great job always keep up the good work !

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the customers service person by the name of Paul was very professional and helpful. I will definitely go back there for car repair work

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Your Customer Service and knowledge of your products are very good. I'm very happy with the quality of the tires I bought from you and how they make the car ride so nice.The staff there are all very good. I would highly recommend you to every one I Know and I will always buy my tires from you the next time one of my cars need new tires.

Thanks Again!

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They kept me informed on what was happening with my tires & I was very happy with the work done

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I had my radiator fixed a few months back by the same tire works. When the manager at the time said he was replacing the radiator he was replacing everything that was needed and gave me my invoice. Turns out he replaced just the radiator. He didn't replace the thermostat or any of the old original equipment. Not knowing this i assumed everything was good. It was not. Now I have had to go in 3 separate times because by not replacing everything I developed a crack in a unit which leaked on a belt which I had to replace the cracked part. Now I'm having to replace my belt because it ruined it and created a loud squeal. I also had to replace the thermostat which was not replaced with the original radiator replacement which is common sense. So by this why making it seem like I had a good deal going has caused me alot more money and time off work for all these issues. Very displeased with tire works. I have had a lot of work done through them and after my belt gets replaced I will never be using them again ever. These new guys seemed to have done there job but because of this past issue I have major doubts.

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On time

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Thank you guys was fast and easy keep it up like that

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Great shop ! Fast and very Reliable .

Thanks to Paul, he found a pretty big discrepancy my battery was experiencing .

Fast, Clean and Knowledgeable .

Thanks ! Will Definitely be back !

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I purchased 4 tires last year, two in late July 2016 and two in late Aug 2016.

This past Saturday Aug 19, 2017, I brought my 2013 Sonata into the dealership to be serviced as I always do every 3 months and one of the Keter tires I bought had warn down to 3/32 in less then a year with only 10,000ish miles driven on the road.

The Mgr Paul Hegedis inspected AMD agreed with the dealership that the tire was in fact Defective.

The policy of Tire Works is the customer has to wait between 1-3 months for reimbursement of my $87.55.

But no where on my receipt does it mention anything about the new tire being a replacement for a defective one or that it would take a certain number of days to get my money back because the original tire had to be sent to an inspection facility to cover the warranty.

I feel very uncomfortable that TireWorks receipts did not contain any official validation from your company that the fact of this defective tire is not noted officially on my paperwork.

I will contact the Mgr today 8/21/17 to ask about the above which in all cases need to be validated on all receipts for warranty replacement policies.


Giovanni Tartaglia