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If I could give negative stars I would. My fiance called the office because my mouth was so swollen with an abscess that it hurt to speak. I was next to her when she explained that I had an abscess and broken teeth and that I was in excruciating pain. So the receptionist said she would get me in Monday at 5pm. Then they called me Monday afternoon and told me their computers were down. Then they said to come in Tuesday. I came in and after being reprimanded by the dentist I was told I would need an oral surgeon. He was down right insulting and for no reason. They knew I had broken teeth so I assumed I was scheduled with an oral surgeon. Not a general dentist there to reprimand me for my painful situation. I have acid reflux and soft teeth. It was only a matter of time before my teeth failed. I just had 2 babies so it took a little while for me to get to the dentist. But he says everyone has a story.

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Will not ever go back !!!

1 stars

waited 2.5 hours and nothing was resolved.

5 stars

fast and good

1 stars

I had a 9am appointment. Taken in at 9:05. Was not seen until 10:05. Literally sat in the chair for an hour with one person stopping in to say I'm sorry we didn't forget about you but we are short staffed please be patient with us. Meanwhile I can see other patients be walked to there rooms and leave before I was even seen.

OK fine...finally the hygienist Tracy came in who was so nice and apologetic that they were short staffed and that she would Clean my teeth and take my Xrays for me so I didn't have to wait much longer. She was amazing and done by 10:40 and said I just need the Doctor to come in and do an exam and I would be out of there...20 minutes later the female doctor came in and gave me a 30 second exam...did not feel thorough and she was not very pleasant. I'm positive if i hadn't poked my head around the corner to look for someone to see me she wouldn't have even stopped in there yet. She then tells me i need the Dental Assistant to come in and release me...another 20 mins later the DA comes in to basically just walk me to the front desk.

As I walk to the front desk I see the same female doctor with her feet up on her phone...you would think that she would get up and help the understaffed Assistant and Hygienist...those poor woman were running around like crazy.

I can totally understand people being sick and calling out...but maybe that is when some appointments should be rescheduled.. I am pretty sure I was the 1st or 2nd appointment of the day and did not walk out of that building until 11:30. 2-1/2 hours for a "checkup/cleaning"!! I was appalled.

On the contrary everyone aside from the the one female Dr that i was seen by was very nice and very apologetic.

I just truly hope this doesn't happen the next time I am there.

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Terrible experience!!

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Waited 2 hours

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Staff was friendly, caring and informative.

2 stars

Really need to consider replacing front desk staff!! The woman who signed me in was very rude and unprofessional, not only towards me but to everyone...including staff. I asked for her name, she said I do not give my name out to anyone. Long hair girl, on the heavy side. Treatment by technicians and dentist was very good.

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The dentist and staff are wonderful