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Unfortunately, I am very upset and disappointed in the way dental services are conducted at Total Health Dental Care.

I hope you will take the time to read my review to explain my frustration!

Total Health Dental Care is priding itself to offer exceptional dental services. On your web-page for "new patients" you are proudly claiming: "If you have dental insurance, exams and cleanings at Total Health have no out-of-pocket costs".

As a new patient, I was counting on this information which turns out to be completely untrue and I am now faced with the cost of most of the exam and dental cleaning bill, $349.00.

I received a letter from my Delta Dental insurance refusing to pay as you are not a provider in network!

I had chosen your dental clinic for my first appointment as it was confirmed by a Total Health Dental Care assistant, by phone, that your clinic was part of the Delta Dental (PPO) provider network. I gave the assistant all my Delta Dental insurance information. My insurance coverage was again confirmed by the receptionist on my initial visit on July 5th at the office on 3085 Telegraph.

On my initial visit on July 5th, I had to wait 2 hours for my dental exam. A dental hygienist, who appeared to be overwhelmed with the task, took a panoramic X-Ray of my teeth. Finally, I had a short consultation with a dentist, not in person but over the internet. As he was not able to do an oral inspection, we only had a short discussion about dental implants at your clinic. For this visit and the in-complete oral exam, i am billed $150.

My 2nd appointment for the teeth cleaning. was on July 7th at the 6201 Antioch St office

As part of it, I asked if it was possible for a dentist to complete my oral exam in case of cavities etc. He found one cavity and also recommended a crown. For this oral examination I am again billed $170 in addition to $50 for X-Ray and $130 for teeth cleaning.

To my big surprise, I received a bill today from Delta Dental with the statement that your dental clinic is "not" part of the Delta Dental providers in network.

As Delta Denrtal is claiming that your clinic is not part of the provider in network, they are only covering $151.00 of the total bill and claim. The total bill you send was $500.00.

I am left now with having to pay $349.00 out of pocket, which is unacceptable as I am financially experiencing hardship due to Covid 19 pandemic.

I was given repeated in-correct information about your Delta Dental provider status and about your promise that new insured patients have no out-of-pocket costs for exams and cleaning.

If you had given correct information that you are not a Delta Dental provider in-network, I would not have made an appointment and seek your services.

It is common courtesy and practice by any dental office to give correct information about being a provider in network for a specific dental insurance to ensure proper coverage.

I am very unhappy and upset about this and expect your office will take responsibility of this matter. Thank you.

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Total Health did a thorough job, and the staff is very considerate during the Covid 19 pandemic.

4 stars Customer since 2018

Given the current pandemic, I found that everything looked good especially hygiene and sanitization. People are very courteous as usual and professional. It is why I use your services. However given the very small size of the waiting room, there were too many patients waiting and social distancing was not possible. You need to insure that your schedules do not have folks waiting in the very small waiting room. This surprised me given the current attention given to public health rules and regulations currently in force in Alameda County. It is a small point but disconcerting none the less. A second point again a minor one. I have been coming here for three years now and I am not sure why I had to fill out a patient history again. All the information has already been provided and is on file in your office. Again no problem refilling it out but a little explanation would be useful as to why I had to do it again.

5 stars Customer since 2002

Very good care.

4 stars Customer since 2002

I was seen a little late. Minor inconvenience.

4 stars Customer since 2020

Our first experience in your clinic was good. Thank you. We will be looking forward to the completion of the treatments, which we trust, based on our first experience, will be as expected.

5 stars Customer since 2004

So thankful that you have reopened and that I could get my teeth finally cleaned. Thank you for your service.

One suggestion - and I don't know if it's feasibly possible - would be to alert your patients in advance that pictures are needed. On arrival, I learned that I would have to do a full set of xrays. It would be nice to mentally prepare for those surprises. Thank you again!

5 stars Verified customer

Hygentist is awesome!

5 stars Customer since 2016

The office was clean, observed social distancing, and all staff wore face covering. The dentist and assistant wore PPE. My procedure was relatively major. The dentist and assistant did their best to make me as comfortable as possible. The procedure was done without any glitches and with as much comfort as was possible under the circumstances.

3 stars Customer since 1999

All staff wore adequate COVID 19 protective gear, so I felt comfortable having my necessary dental work performed. All the dental l work procedures were performed satisfactorily.

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The front desk was very helpful was very efficient. They fixedd the authorization whuch happen to be for pediatrcs . Within 15 mins the problem was fixed and the provider were able to see me. Keep up the good job!
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