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1 stars Verified customer

Bad back office, will never go back

Pembroke Pines Towncare Dental replied:

It is unfortunate that your comments were submitted anonymously leaving us no way to contact you to address your concerns. We apologize for not meeting your expectations, and we urge you to contact us so we may work to resolve this issue.

1 stars Verified customer

My last visit was very poor so we will not be going back to this Dentist. We are looking for a new Dentist now.

Pembroke Pines Towncare Dental replied:

Due to the anonymous response, we are unable to contact you but would be very happy to speak to you about your concerns regarding your visit to the office.  We want every visit to be a positive experience and every experience to be better than the one before. We urge you to call our office manager and give us the opportunity to earn back your trust.

5 stars Customer since 2014

The best experience by far ( no pain)!!

Wonderful staff.

5 stars

Dr Young is the best! I was always a little hesitant to go to the dentist, until finding Dr. Young. She's patient, hears all my concerns and addresses them with professionalism. Also, the hygienist (forgot her name) was wonderful, and gentle with my sensitive gums.

In the past, I've visited offices where they were pushing products I didn't necessarily need: whitening, adult braces, etc...but not here! They are up-front with all costs and I've never been bullied into a service.

Oh, and best of all, the staff is more than kind. In fact, I recently had to bring my two children with me for a cleaning, and they helped entertain and even did everything they could to make them comfortable as well.

2 stars Customer since 2009

Your Cooper City office merged with your Pines office so this was my 1st appointment at the Pines office. My Hygienist was great as usual she was now at Pines from Cooper City office. But when I went to check out the two ladies in the front kept arguing with me that for starters my insurance never pays for the Floride that no insurance does. I kept telling them yes it covers it once a year that I always get it done. They proceeded to tell me I have only had the floride once and I paid. I explained that I paid because it had been six months since my last floride on that visit. I have been coming to you guys for years and have always done the floride so it was annoying that first they do not verify your insurance they assume, 2 they argue with you and 3 they just glanced for a few seconds at my records and again assumed. One of the girls was so sure I was wrong she got up rudely told the other girl to verify my insurance when I asked them to call and verify first and walked away. Sure enough after taking a whole 5 minutes WOW to call and verify my insurance they told them they pay for the floride once a year. I told your employee next time instead of just arguing she can just easily verify 1st. After all that hassle when I make my next appointment she proceeds to tell me my dentist is no longer with you guys. I would try one of your other dentist but after that bad experience I had with your office I will by tracking down my old dentist or finding a new one. I will not recommend you guys and would be very hesitant to give you guys another try. I love everyone at the Cooper City Office and will continue to take my daughter to Main Street and use the orthodontist their but I will not be returning to the Pines office!

Pembroke Pines Towncare Dental replied:

I do not recall this patient but I can assure we are not rude all we try to do is inform all patients of any copays due on the appointment day as it shows on QSI.