1 stars Customer since 1993

Great service

5 stars Customer since 2007

I have been going to True Line Wheel Alignment for well over 20 years and the reason for this length of time is HONESTY. During my first appointment for service, after the initial inspection for service, I was informed that based on the inspection, I really didn't need the service at this time. This was a first, in all the years of seeking service from automotive shops, who are always indicating that service is needed then. Honesty is very important to me. I have taken 3 vehicles to True Line with complete confidence.

5 stars Customer since 2019

As a native San Diegan in his 60s ..I know the proven winners in business in San Diego . True line is one of them. Young Ryan has the right amount of experience, ethics and character to assure satisfaction and a great interaction experience w getting your rig right. While I don’t know the various mechanics I can say their work is the right compliment to Ryan. All experts . Save yourself the grief in going elsewhere. True line is a San Diegan go to.


1 stars Customer since 2022

Was really pleased with the way I was treated aT the front desk and the people who explained what need to be done to where I could understand.


Hi Willy, Thanks for the kind words. Did you mean to give us five stars? The one star that you gave us is the lowest possible score and not consistent with your nice comments. Tony

4 stars Customer since 2021

I gave this place a try on the word of many people who say they have had a good experience here and I will say they are very pleasant to deal with and very polite. My truck is modified but yet still pretty stock but some places are afraid to touch it for this reason, which is frustrating so getting an alignment has been a daunting task. I have only had the truck aligned for two days and I am happier than when I went but still not sold. Either something is broken on the truck because it seems to still drift to the right at times so I don’t know if parts are bad in the front or rear as nothing was said to me expect here is your truck it’s done. So I left excited, but two days later I’m now like damn, what could it be. I still think they did a good job and I will be back for other repairs I know I need and hope that we can together correct some concerns I have with my truck.

5 stars Customer since 2022

I needed a tire alignment and called for a appointment and Jackie got me right in. She’s like the sweetest. Ryan the shop owner was wonderful he got my car up on the racks and did a inspection and came in to let me know what he found. I needed more work than just a alignment, he sat down and explained everything to me and assured me what he needed to do wasn’t a safety issue but his recommendation. I wanted to talk with my husband and Ryan said “absolutely and if he has any questions, have him give me a call “. There was absolutely no pressure which was such a relief. We called back the next morning and Ryan got us right in. I’m so happy I found this shop and I definitely recommend it. Thank you Jackie and Ryan and all the shop guys.

5 stars Customer since 2022

Completely satisfied. I give my strongest recommendation possible. It you have a 60s muscle car with modern suspension components, this is the place to go. Eric dialed in my 4-link and IFS perfectly. Thanks again!

5 stars Customer since 2005

Been using true line for 20 pus years. Always done good work.

5 stars Customer since 1998

Alex was awesome. He took the time to explain the basic process as he fixed my custom car. People who drive custom cars are particular to where they get work done. After seeing Alex work this is that kind of shop. Bring your custom car here, they know the business of fixing your car.

Great Job!

5 stars Customer since 2019

Outstanding services done to my car. Went in for an alignment and boom car went in rough came out brand new!!! Highly recommend for anyone!!!