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Great service! They were very honest and fast. Will definitely be back.

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The staff was berry nice and helpful. Thank you.

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I took my car in for a muffler - the people were friendly, the work was quick, and it was done good. My disappointment is that I'm a female and I feel like as such I was taken advantage of. I don't know the prices of mufflers, so when a quote was given me, I assumed it was a basic muffler, standard price. Until I picked it up and was told that I was given a "top of the line, stainless steel, high end muffler" which is a problem because I should have been given the option to purchase a more expensive muffler, rather than just quoted it as a muffler I needed. I now know that the man put on a more expensive muffler that I didn't need to pay that much, but he made that choice for me and gave me few details because I'm a female. I've also worked at dealerships and know that upselling is normal. So, I was pushed to buy additional services I didn't need nor could I afford at this moment, even after expressing to the person that I could only afford X amount of dollars this week and simply needed a muffler, I was pushed to do more services (flush, breaks - which I have no idea if they are good or bad and another shop said they would be good until end of summer, but I'm being told my brakes are now bad??). I just feel like because I'm a female, I was pushed for more additional services. Had my fiancé or father went in, they wouldn't have had the pressure put on them to do more unnecessary work. Had my father or fiance' went in, they would have got a normal muffler, because they would have known how much a standard muffler costs and questioned the price tag, but for me, I was just quoted $214 for a muffler that was more expensive and told after the fact. I'm upset, because moneys tight and I'm sure I paid about $50 more than what I needed to. I didn't ask for a fancy muffler, I just needed a muffler, nothing top of the line.

Yes, the work itself is GREAT. My car is quiet, it's running smooth with a nice new muffler on it, and I'm happy about that. But in the future, these people need to know that just because we are a female it doesn't mean that we should be taken advantage of because we might not know a lot about cars and how things work. The work was great, I'm happy, I might be back, but next time I'll have my fiance' bring my car in or go in with him so that way I don't end up paying too much.

Tuffy - Bay Road replied:

Even though it's not what we like to hear, thank you for your feedback. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to all customers and we are disappointed that you feel that was not the case. We use quality parts on all repairs along with professional installation to provide the best finished product to keep customer vehicles running their best.

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The repair was a bit much more than anticipated.

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James was very helpful. He pointed out the repairs that were needed, and wasn't pushy to get them done. He was also very friendly!

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Excellent service and thankful they open at 730 am. No wait and very professional!!!

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Awesome service as always

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All professional and go out of their way to please the customer. Quality work.

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As usual they are friendly and efficient and timely

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