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5 stars Verified customer

Excellent service! Excellent care!! Excellent prices!! I trust Vaco Precision more than taking my mercedes back to the dealership.

5 stars

Vaco provides great service and is reliable and overall I'm satisfied with my experience!

5 stars

Going to Vaco is not like going to any mechanic, its an experience. First and foremost Vaco is a musician and an avid music fan. Already a point in the mechanic I can trust department. His office is filled with photos, instruments, books, and all things culture.....which makes passing the time if you need to stay a joy. His lot is surrounded by orange trees and his garage has an immense grapevine wrapping the awnings. This type of approach to life is exactly what Vaco brings to his knowledge of the Mercedes. To him the Mercedes is to be treated like the finer things and he knows the car like a connoisseur may know a fine wine. He once told me he started working on these cars at the tender of age of 13 and hasn't looked back since. The only problem is I will always have to own a Mercedes because I simply don't want another mechanic!

5 stars

This guy is super nice and fair and very easy to deal with! After I brought my 1998 Mercedes to a dealership I could NOT BELIEVE how much they wanted to do some pretty simple repairs. I took it to Vaco Mercedes at the suggestion of a friend and really wish I had gone to him before. He saved me hundreds of dollars!!

5 stars

Vaco is the best Mercedes service East of Western. He is reliable, friendly, personable, serious, and great with dogs and children. I have a 1984 Mercedes 300TD with 224,000 miles on it. Recently I had both transmission and vacuum system problems. Another mechanic said that I would need to replace both of them, total estimate $2600. I took it to Vaco he said he'd see what he could do -- three days later I had my car back and in great working order with my old transmission and my old vacuum pump, along with new front breaks, a valve adjustment, and an oil change for a total bill of $700. Vaco had torn apart my transmission, made adjustments (waved his wand?) and had rebuilt two of the valves on the vacuum pump and both worked great. I will only go to Vaco.

5 stars

When my 1973 Mercedes 450 SE began making a grinding noise, I asked around and was strongly encouraged by a trusted friend to take my car to Vaco. When I arrived at his shop, Vaco was seated at a piano playing "an original experimental piece in A minor." I knew already that Vaco was not going to be your typical mechanic.I described what was wrong with my car and he assured me that whatever was happening, it would not be too expensive to fix. He called later that day to inform me of my car's problem and told me it would be $250 to fix (which is a fraction of what I expected to pay). When I picked up my car the next morning, he told me of a number of other issues that I should be aware of, such as my worn-out brake pads, and said that he would be happy replace them OR explain to me how to replace them if I wanted to do it at myself at home. This guy is not out to squeeze every last dime out of you on Mercedes repair. He is a genuinely good dude, as well as a fascinating conversationalist (ask him about his old band "The 5 Fingers" or the autographed Traveling Wilburys record on his shop's wall).

5 stars

I just had my "A " service on my CLK here, I saved over $ 400.00 because I did not take it to the dealer.

Very friendly people, fast service, & very reasonable rates.

5 stars

So excited I have a new mechanic. Vaco is awesome, he's so nice and honest and he loves the Beatles! Super happy that I brought my 1983 Mercedes 280 CE to him today because he is definitely my new go to guy! I totally felt at home in his shop and he is instantly trustworthy and friendly. If you drive a Mercedes this is your place!

5 stars Customer since 2011

Vaco and his team are extremelly dedicated and highly professional !

Today was my very first visit and I know my relationship with this establishment will be a long lasting one!

Vaco attention to details , honesty and incredible knowledge in Mercedes-Benz cars ( and Music ) makes him Unique!

Thank you Vaco !

Vaco Precision Inc. replied:

Thank you for the kind words! Our hope is to use our online presence to help improve our service and commitment to our customer. We are absolutely open to criticisms, positive or otherwise, to help reach this goal.