98.7% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2010

The entire staff was excellent. Everyone in this office made me feel very comfortable. I will definitely be recommending my family and friends to Virginia Family Dentistry - Ironbridge.

5 stars Verified customer

Excellent the front desk was very nice my hygieneist was awesome very friendly !!! I love dr Jordan so much

5 stars Verified customer

I called the office with an issue and received an appointment the same day. What a blessing. The staff is very friendly and eager to help!

5 stars Customer since 2020

Positive experience. Professional staff. Staff was friendly and courteous.

5 stars Customer since 1984

I just switched over to Virginia Family Dentistry after my son started going here, and I’m so glad that I did. I had an excellent experience. All of the staff were very friendly, accommodating, and made an effort to ensure my comfort in the process. They were personable, engaging, and responsive to any questions I had. I would definitely recommend to others.

5 stars Customer since 2021

Even though I couldn't see smiles behind the masks of the staff, I could see the smiles in their eyes. This practice genuinely cares about the well-being of their patients.

5 stars Customer since 2005

My semi-annual cleaning visit with Emily was excellent. She is very personable and always goes the extra-mile to make me feel at ease while following all COVID guideline precautions.

5 stars Customer since 2021

The best place ever all are very profesional and so sweet whit the kids

5 stars Customer since 2021

Great place!!! Nice staff

2 stars Customer since 2004

Not generally friendly

Also in North Chesterfield


OLD - Virginia Automotive Service Inc

5 stars 51 reviews

Great service; upfront pricing; great payment options; took a little too long- car dropped off at 1030/11ish...didn't get it back until 6ish; very apologic about wait however
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Stratford Hills Veterinary Center

5 stars 682 reviews

The veterinarian care was excellent. The fact that the tech needled my 12 yr old Labrador retriever 6 times in her front leg followed by another 6 times in her neck and another 8 times in her hind leg, ALL WITHOUT success in drawing ANY blood? Would she accept after suggesting that this tech SHAVE AN area to ACTUALLY SEE a vein instead of what was obvious blind stabbing of my poor dog. The tech used the excuse that my elderly dog was a " muscular girl" as the reason for her failure and continuing to needle my elderly sick dog. At this point I felt I needed to protect my dog and ask for the vet to draw the blood. This was frightening to me as that they were originally going to take my dog out of the exam room to a back room to draw the blood and to give her fluids as my dog was dehydrated from the illness that had made me bring her in for care. What if I hadn't seen this?? True a dog is not a human but as I know when someone is "muscular" makes draw blood is even EASIER to find because the good veins are pronounced and EASILY SEEN to draw blood. Even though dogs are not human beings, each needle stab is JUST AS PAINFUL to A DOG AS it would be for ME, pain is pain. All those needlings WILL be painfully BRUISE! My poor old girl is already in a lot of pain from knee surgery and arthritis, has extremely poor mobility, is overweight and lethargic to the point she does not get up to eat, drink, come when she's called or even to go outside to relieve her self without major demands bordering on provication. She rarely even reacts when offered a treat to tempt her to stand to go outside. *** The tech refusing to take the suggestion to at least shave so she could SEE a vein and to have to STOP her and ask her to get assistance from the vet was rediculous. It was insane to me that she repeatedly blamed her inability on my dogs muscle structure. It made no sense no matter the reason this blood draw was made past her skill. I should be able to trust that the staff will not put ego before the patient. This visit had the added stress of carelessness in not completely tabulating the fees. I had also brought my daughter's kitten for his first visit and vaccines. I had asked twice and being reassured that the amounts were correct,to make sure it was correct because my daughter was to reimburse me and would need separate invoices. I was told $215 for the kitten which is told the front desk that I had only personal checks as payment form because I'd had fraud on them and the new cards had not come yet. I'd filled out payment form and AFTER I was told there was a mistake, they had not accounted for the flee/ heartworm meds and that it'd be another $20. Luckily I had some cash and paid the difference. The next was the bill for my labrador, I was told it was $217 which I was told initially each animal would have to be paid separately, I told them when I paid for the kitten I only had a couple of checks left but I could do them individually. I was given receipt of each pet separately, I was told to wait outside for the medications and special diet food to be brought to me at my car for each animal. It was 6:05pm when I left and the vet closes at 6:30. I drove all the way home and was called by the vet office as I pulled in my driveway @6:20pm. They called to tell me that the blood work had been OMITTED! The vet had told me it ws to find out what was wrong, what was causing my dog to be ill. I was told it was another $191 and told it could be sent off that night IF I PAID AT THAT MOMENT!! I had told them the check was my only payment form WHEN I WAS THERE, BEFORE I PAID IN THE OFFICE. I had been ASSURED the billing was accurate. I thought, my dog went through HELL to get that blood draw. I had agreed WHEN I WAS WITH THE VET, that I was paying for overnight results. Here I was with NO WAY to get back all the way to the opposite side of town to write ANOTHER check. I was being told that I had to pay BEFORE it would be sent!! I was furious, absolutely furious. The entire visit was overwhelmingly filled with ineptitude at a level I'd NEVER experienced before. I had to ask my son to pay the $191 for me with his bank card BECAUSE OF THEIR MISTAKES OR FORFEIT THE NEEDED CARE ID COME TO THEM FOR!!! I had explained while I WAS THERE that I had NO CREDIT OR BANK CARDS BECAUSE I'D HAD FRAUD so THEY KNEW when I ASKED, "is the billing CORRECT BEFORE I PAY?" that it was because I was Ina bind until my new cards came. I WAS TOLD "YES". I was SO UNBELIEVABLY SHOCKED AND DISTURBED by this visit, despite how much I truly was impressed and liked the veterinarian I may have to change vets again. I'd left the previous vet because it always smelled of fecal matter and because the care my pets received was poor. I really want to stay, but I am not sure if I can stay with Stratford Hills Vet. Before this experience, I'd recommended this vet to my friends and family, now I feel I should have waited before I so whole-heartedly promoted them. The vets are wonderful but the balance get tipped the opposite way because of everything else that happened tonight. I was truly impressed with everything especially the attention the vet I had worked with gave so much attention to the needs of the animal, I'd only brought my new puppy to them and with every test, every question the veterinarian was phenomenal !! But I hadn't had any care experience with the support staff and this is the reason I am giving this review. How can I have my animals cared for by the vet and I cannot trust the support staff. The vet can't do EVERYTHING and tend to all the animals that need the doctor, when the vet must have the less complicated care handled by the techs and front reception staff for accurate billing & that is not there, there is no foundation, the quality of care falls apart. Veterinarian care is extremely expensive, there are no breaks like with health insurance with people. It has to be what is expected across the board BECAUSE I PAY FULL PRICE FOR EVERYTHING. THE FACT that with animals it can absolutely become a matter of if there isn't the money, the animal will die. I cannot imagine taking my family member to somewhere and not get the needed care I pay for and my animal suffer more than what their health condition is causing to bring them to NEED medical attention. I truly hope the veterinarians don't where blinders on where their staff is concerned, telling me that it is difficult to draw blood from my dog will not make me allow needless suffering of my animal when it's ABSOLUTELY PLAIN to SEE the tech can't do it. I'm a 57 year old woman who has had pets and vet offices a plenty to have seen it done with out an animal being deeply needled all together 20 times and NO STICK! To give validity the veterinarian don't get draw on the instant she put in the needle it took her 4 tries on one hind leg but that is acceptable because they dog was dehydrated. Blood draws are BASIC and the vet giving verbal praise as to how the tech was "very good " just made me feel that she was ok with the performance of tech's skills I and my son witnessed. Would she call this tech's care "very good" if this had happened to HER animal? Would SHE allowed more UNSUCCESSFUL "pin the tail on the donkey" blood draws on her personal animals and not take over?? That's the question I need answered. IS THIS THE level of "skill" acceptable if it were her animal in this tech's hands?? Would SHE accept the billing mistake holding her animals needed test results in the balance the way they did me and my dog?
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