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Thought odd signed up for over year-1st notification of any info posted. Posts were back as far as 11/16- and latest 9/18/17.

Maybe latest post jarred all rest to show up. Also notification of new mail repeated 6 times. Interesting.



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Dr. Bentley is great and all the stuff from Vicion Quest you're very nice and they're always there for you, thank you Vicion Quest.

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Very nice people and professional.

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The technician I worked with was excellent -- personable, caring, quick to explain his procedures, etc. I was unable to see the doctor as she had an appointment away from the office, but she did call me later in the day to explain my results.

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My post YAG check up was very thorough. Dr. Herman has done an excellent job of explaining to me everything that has been going on in my eye and has given me confidence it will heal in due time.

I will be scheduling cataract surgery for my other eye soon.

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Dr. Herman is so great. The staff is so friendly and helpful! Each and every one of them is willing to take the time to explain things to me. They never rush you. I get a more thorough exam than I've ever gotten at other eye Dr's. I am always pleased with my treatment and experience.

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Very professional staff. Dr. Herman is extremely informative, and is highly regarded by other highly regarded doctors.

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Thank you Amy for your explanations and Dr. Hernan. I did not read very much after my surgery. Relatives and friends cared enough to want to hear how I was so my iPhone was used.

Sadly, I understood that Dr Herman was going to prescribe a non dry eyes sleep aid. However, after iinquiring at Vision Quest when it wasn't at my pharmacy, I was told by Kim that I must see my physician to get this??? So I won't have the new sleep aid.

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Yag procedure has not improved my eyesight & this cost $750.00

I feel like it is an assembly line & the outcome is a non- issue to Dr Herman.