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Awesome visit, yet I have not even meet Dr. Von Chan in two visits!

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Mary was fantastic! I was nervous for my first deep-cleaning. Before the procedure Mary was very attentive and answered all of my questions. Her kind manner put me at ease. The procedure was not nearly as painful as expected- in fact, there was only minor discomfort and no pain at all. I was also expecting my gums to be sore afterwards but I was not sore at all! I was so relieved. I cannot recommend Mary highly enough.

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Mary Is the best and knowledgeable

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A very professional and friendly dental office.

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She is great! Very sweet and personable and made going to the dentist a very fun experience that I look forward to every 6 months!

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Very good experience, went in with a tooth ache, lower jaw, turns out I tend to grind my teeth when I am stressed. Dr. Chan took a look, did a few tests, polished a little off of an upper molar, and today 2 days later my jaw is better and the tooth ache is gone. Thank you.

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They are very friendly and do about the best that can be done for procedures that are inherently not fun. No one WANTS to go to the dentist, but they make it about as painless as possible (or maybe least miserable).

One comment that comes to mind is that I noticed during a procedure that the dentist was jiggling my cheek. It didn't really occur to me this was happening at first, but when I realized it, I also realized that there was a needle in my mouth to numb the area. I think the jiggling was a productive distraction that made me not notice the needle injection. While the jiggling might serve another purpose (maybe to promote circulation of the medicine?), the pain distraction is encouraging in my opinion. I've donated blood and had blood work before and very few nurses (to my surprise) do anything from distracting you before putting in the needle. Pain always hurts more when one is expecting it. Any type of technique that can distract your attention and relax from a needed painful medical procedure is a plus in my book.

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Who schedules to have a crown installed on Valentine's Day? Me! And, it was the best, most loving gift I could have ever given myself. I had the best experience in dentistry at Von Chan DDS. Believe me, I've had most of my molars replaced with ceramic crowns and my experience at Von Chan DDS was by far the best and most relaxing, I nearly fell asleep it was so relaxing! The treatment was painless and I watched Netflix the entire time the procedure was in progress. So, if you're looking for something to do next Valentine's Day, schedule dentistry with Von Chan DDS!

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Experienced, personal, and capable.

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If you are looking for a very professional dentist, Doctor Von Chan is the one.