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Thank you for giving me dog food until your supply came in.

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While the tech who greeted us at the door was affection towards my dogs, and Virginia was kind, my experience with another tech was not favorable at all. The doctor did not greet my babies. The RULE at this vet hospital is to separate the parent from her pups and do their exams, tests etc behind the door.

I walked into the examining room and sat down, pissing off the doc and the techs. As I sat in the chair off to the side, I made eye contact and smiled as they were being examined, so that the wouldn’t feel afraid.

What I found incredibly troubling, was the way that they handled my babies. There was no talking to them, petting them. They were rough, holding them down. The doc had two techs block my view purposely, and that was disgusting.

I would NEVER EVER take my babes to this vet. They are secretive, rough on my pets, and unfriendly to parent and pup, in my experienced. I never gave them meds for a digestive problem, that I easily resolved by preventing them from eating grass. The meds were given before they left, and my boy was constipated for one day.

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Dr. Bailey and his staff did an amazing job with my 7 year old hound dog Bluebelle. She went to the office as an emergency after hours, she was accidentally run over and had a very bad injury to her leg which looked like it was filleted open. I loved that Dr. Bailey didn’t sugar coat how he spoke to me about the injury and what the outcomes could be or the cost I may endure . He was extremely informative, and communicated everything that was going on with her a few time daily. When it was time for her to be discharged he gave an very detailed post surgery/discharge instructions showing us and telling us what and how everything should look and be healing. He also added just to call him and we would be available. His staff were very friendly and I feel like they definitely cared for Bluebelle lovingly. Hopefully we never have a need to go because of an emergency again, but if we do It will hands down be to see Dr. Bailey and his Staff at Walden Lake Animal Clinic. They are GREAT!!!

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Support staff was kind and friendly, but the vet was not. I came for an emergency after hours for my dog and it was as if he didn’t believe me the dog was hurt. He barely even looked at it. Made me feel really stupid for coming there, just for him to do nothing and charge me $200. He was so old I don’t think he could even see what he was looking for. Might be time to retire. I would only come back if there was an extreme emergency, otherwise would choose another local place.

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The way you approach treatment makes it seem like you want to squeeze another couple dollars out of the owners. It would be awesome if you could lay out what needs to be done to the fullest at the start of the visit rather than when I get my bill. You guys treated my animal wonderfully though and will continue to come back.

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great experience was well. pleased with the staff and the doctor was very knowledgeable and forthright!

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Dr.Bailey,saved our lily's life. She was critically ill, We came in as an emergency...took us right in at 4:00 pm and worked on her immediately. It was our first encounter with Dr. Bailey. He is wonderful. Can't thank him enough.

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Friendly service, great with animals.