93.8% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Verified customer

No problems at all. Good communication and a very affordable price for an oil change.

5 stars Verified customer

Good service and same day turnaround.

5 stars Verified customer

I love walks. I have been going here for 4 years and they consistently provide me with excellent customer service. Even when I have little questions about my car, they are there to answer my questions and help me. The people that work there know their stuff. Walks employees are so friendly. When they service my car, it never takes a long time and I am always satisfied.

5 stars Verified customer

Walks did an excellent job of both diagnosing and repairing our Volvo XC-70 and we will go back to them again in the future. Walks is professional, competent and courteous.

John Power

5 stars Verified customer

I always have great prompt service your staff are the best! I they are very good at trying to help you in any way they can-special thanks to Melissa for being diligent and finding me the part my car needed for inspection

1 stars Verified customer

Unlike my past experience with Walks Auto, I was very unsatisfied this time. My previous experience has been of high professionalism, but not this time.

I called on Monday about taking a look at my vehicle. I was told at that time that they would be able to take a look at it on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, I received a contact informing me that they where back up and they will call me at 10 AM on Wednesday after they look at it (I was ok with this).

At 11:38 AM I called them and they informed me that they looked at my vehicle and couldn't do anything. However, they recommended another business that could and ensured me that my vehicle would be sent there with my permission, which I granted (Still ok with this).

Wednesday evening after work, I noticed that my vehicle was still parked at Walks, so I email them and they responded that they will not be able to get it there to Thursday (beginning to get annoyed).

On Thursday around noon, I received a phone call from the other business asking when my vehicle will arrive. I called Walks and they said that they were going to send it over soon (Annoyed getting to frustrated).

At the end of the day on Thursday (after work) I noticed my vehicle still parked at Walks, My vehicle didn't arrive to the other place until end day of Thursday, which meant the other shop couldn't look at it until Friday(Very Upset)

Mean while, I now have a bill for a rental ($270), Walks "Service"($37) and towing ($61). And no answers on what is wrong with my vehicle (Very pissed off).

5 stars Verified customer

I can only have nice things to say about the service and the "staff" who do such excellent work at Walks. Everyone is always very polite and helpful.

I will continue taking my car to Walks, for maintenance and repairs. They do a GREAT job

E. Jane Olmsted

5 stars Verified customer

I have been returning to WALK's for mechanical, electrical, brake, tuning, inspection and body work service on four different vehicles for over 20 years. My call for quick service ( same day) resulted in a quick verification of a time (by Melissa) and knowledgeable, cooperative, accurate, detailed and competent information (by Larry) on continuing check engine lights and periodic maintenance. Truthfully, i could not ask for more responsive service, knowledge of the service advisors and continuing confidence in the repairs. While i was waiting for the service, i witnessed six customers ask for an immediate evaluation of wheel noises, notary service,s and towing information.

I read some of the other reviews on google+ and could not understand the negativity except that over the years, i noticed that parking violators who had their vehicles towed were irate....some of the comments were not focused on the competence of the personnel at WALK's but rather their own violations of parking restrictions...i agree with the fact the WALK's responds to owner calls quickly...and violators are warned in advance.

I have recommended others to this team and have never had a negative comment about my recommendations. I want competent, experienced professionals, repairing my vehicles in mild and extreme weather conditions; that is why i continue contacting WALK's.

Thanks to the team (manager, service advisors, and technicians for their consistent excellent help and service.


4 stars Verified customer

very good customer service.

4 stars Verified customer

Kind & Credible