88.0% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars

These guys are great!

I had a problem with my car and after 2 other places could not fix it I was going to trade it in, a friend told me about Walt Eger so I though I'll let them try. When I dropped it off I talked directly to Walt and he put me at ease he said they would find the problem and I will not have to trade her in. I am happy to say Walt did as promised he found the problem then gave my car the ole once over and said everything looks good. I am so glad I found them.

5 stars

My first experience at Walt's was about 15 years ago. I had 3 estimates around $2,800 to $3000 for a Grand Cherokee 4-wheel-drive transfer case. With high miles on the Jeep I decided on a rebuilt (Jasper) unit instead of new. Yellow-pages listed Walt as a dealer. I went in and told him what I wanted. He could of just sold the unit, charged for installation and made a tidy profit, but instead asked why I thought I needed it replaced. I said 3 dealers told me the same thing. He went out and drove in a circle just listening. He said it was a loose chain and should be under $600 to rebuild. Even with some extra repairs, my total was under $900 I put another 150K miles on that Jeep and no one but Walt ever touched it again. Same for all my subsequent vehicles. What I don't do myself goes to Walt's.

Go to the waiting room and I bet you will hear a very similar story.

Walt's not always the cheapest. If you shop around you find similar or cheaper prices. But unless you REALLY KNOW you have an 100% honest mechanic, you will always wonder if they really did the work or if it even needed doing. Walt is great guy who stands behind his work. He will recommend preventative maintanance like any shop, but he will tell you straight up if HAS to be done or just should be done.

4 stars Verified customer

my first expierence at this service center made me rethink the way servicing my car should be. Friendly personell and profession mechanics , my car runs great and I even got a e mail reminder to let me know it was time for service ! Great

5 stars Verified customer

The service was great and the staff very helpful. I would definitely recommend to anyone considering where to have their vehicle serviced.

5 stars Verified customer

The dash message indicated "check fuel cap". I called the garage and a fuel cap was ordered within a couple of hours. However, the cap did not have the stem attached to hold the cap. A cap with the stem would be ordered for the next day's replacement, and the new cap was placed in my car until the new one received. Came the next day and the replacement cap installed (without any labor charge!) I appreciate the quick response. Thank you!

5 stars Verified customer

Once again Walt's was able to give me some time even though I did not have an appointment. I was able to jump the car, get it to the shop and everything was taken care of quickly and professionally (as usual). Thanks guys.

5 stars Verified customer

I may be a little prejudiced to write Walt Egar and review on work performed recently on one of my vehicles. Walt has been a trusted friend and care-taker of all my vehicles for almost 30 years now. I have yet to be disappointed in any work performed at his shop. On top of that, Walt is one of the nicest guys you will want to meet. His integrity and honesty is without question, and his expertise among the very best, all at a very reasonable cost. Drive on Walt...take care of my fleet!

Tom C.

2 stars Verified customer

You came highly recommended. I brought my car in for 3 reasons: ,

#1 the main one being the car had overheated, recently leaving me stranded in 95 with my infant granddaughter when the car lost over a gallon of antifreeze.

#2 AC/heater fan only worked on high level and

#3 I was overdue for an oil change.

Review of Results:

#2 Thank you for replacing the resistor, my AC works on all levels. Although the 2 hour labor charge still stings.

#3 Many places offer cheaper oil changes. However my experience has been that the low price oil changes always include upselling, their favorite is struts. Imagine my disgust, when you did the same. Your Intregrity went to ZERO. (If safety was a concern, the car needs new brakes and the "check engine" light was on.)

Did I forget #1? So did you.

5 stars Verified customer

Car was making a strange noise. I knew hwere it was, but did not know if it was serious or not, so I called and you were able to take a look right away - and take care of an oil change that was due as well. I really appreciate that and I like how you do business!

5 stars Verified customer

Its very impressive with this Walt Eger's Service Center. ITs easy to contact with me My car is very well as smooth .. I recommend anyone who live there and go there as great job.. Thanks JMD