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94.3% would refer friends and family to us

1 stars Verified customer

I received am emailed request to write a review, since I must still be on the mailing list after several years. Sure! Ok. So here it goes;

I went for a free massage offer many years ago, and the tactics used to try to convince me that I needed to immediately sign on to a multi-year, costly chiropractic treatment plan were overly-aggressive and uncomfortable. I understand that the point of the free massage offer was to score a new patient, but the immediate closing of the office door and running my credit information for payment options for my multi-year treatment plan that I'd not yet agreed to felt desperate and put me very ill-at-ease. Aside from the bad feeling I got from this encounter, the office ended up being too far away for me to realistically come in on a regular basis, although the Dr. couldn't seem to accept that as truth. Yes, yes, I should have ended it then and there, but I admit I initially succumbed to the intense scare tactics and pressure. I did call to cancel future service shortly thereafter, and the Dr got on the phone with a pretty desperate plea for me to stay on-- includind more scare tactics. I did not feel at all like this was at all a concern for my well-being, rather solely the loss of the $$$. The whole expedience for me was, well, icky. The amount of Scientology materials in the waiting area are worth noting, as an added weird factor.

4 stars Verified customer

Dr. Bullen was very thorough in his examination and in his explanation of what tests would be performed and in the reading of the results. The adjustments were great - no pain whatsoever.

I was a bit surprised by their payment schedule but only as it was unexpected not because it seemed unfair or unjust.

I would recommend Washington Chiropractic to anyone I know who is have back, hip, neck or joint pain.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Good health, is priceless...

I noticed greater flexibility and range of motion improvement, after receiving the first three to six treatments with Washington Chiropractic. At this writing, and after a succession of treatments, I can honestly report that, I am experiencing more restful and restorative sleep at night, and I awake with little to no (joint, muscular or vertebrae) discomfort in the mornings, without the aid of over the counter medications ;p

The (many) benefits of regular chiropractic visits, greatly improves one's sense of well being and overall wellness, and should be considered as an essential component of quality healthcare in addition to preventative care, with the focused objective of keeping our bodies balanced, flexible and feeling its best.


Bethesda, MD

4 stars Customer since 2012

I was seen soon after I called for an appointment. And the treatment I received has significantly lessened the pain and stiffness I was experiencing in my neck.

I would have liked my doctor to explain what he was going to do and why. But on a busy afternoon, I guess he just didn't have time to do this.

5 stars Customer since 2012

Dr Joo provides wonderful, tailored chiropractic care!

5 stars Customer since 2014

The time I spent there was very exciteing to me. Special since I have been given confidence that my situation can be helped to stop the pain, and live again. I appricate all the explain of my condition and for giving me the opportunity to voice my opinion and correction. Thank you very much, and i am looking forward to continue my section. May your day continue to be blessed and see you soon.


4 stars Customer since 2012

Very attentive and careful hands-on adjustments. Consistent and helpful. I like the fact that I'm given suggestions specific to my lifestyle (e.g. a lot of biking and swimming).

A regular (monthly or so) reminder about types of exercises to do at home, and how (checking my technique to make sure it is good) would be the one suggestion I have. That would help keep me from slacking off and from relying on treatment only.

5 stars Customer since 2014

I recently took advantage of a 10 - 15 minute massage offered at our company's annual health fair. After filling out the standard questionnaire, I noticed that I had shaded in almost all of the symptoms listed on that form. Too my surprise, Corey, the admin coordinator/representative for the Washington Chiropractic group also noticed this as well, and invited me to stop by the practice in order to receive a no cost initial consultation. Yeah, I had problems ;p

I have suffered (in silence) with pain in my neck, shoulders, lower back and hip area for many years! I had not noticed just how bad the pain was until I discontinued taking Tylenol for the pain maybe three years ago. I experienced insomnia due to the pain, in addition to allergies, asthma, headaches, muscle spasms, numbness/tingling in my hands and feet, painful joints fatigue, but the most disturbing of all was the shortness of breath, which seemed to come out of nowhere, sever enough to the point of me having to dial 911 for medical assistance!

I never considered that something else could be wrong other than the usual aches and pains from exercising, I even started to believe the old adage that, "these types of aches and pains were common with one's maturation process."

However, after having a complete and thorough consultation and comprehensive examination, Doctor Bullen, went over the findings (with a fine tooth comb) and coached me in exactly what was going on, from a chiropractic perspective, of how improper spine alignment was the cause of the many maladies I have endured over the years.

A corrective plan of care was prescribed, and although, it is going to take a number of office visits and treatments, I can honestly state that, in knowing that there is an underlying problem, this knowledge has changed my perspective over night that, "getting older doesn't mean we have to live in discomfort." Dr. Bullen, further explained that, "pain, should not be considered as common."

The front office medical/coordinator (Jocelyn) is very friendly, efficient and well organized. She will even verify your insurance coverage! The chiropractic physicians (Dr. Bullen, and Dr. Joo) are precise and straight to the point in terms of treatment options/plans, and what needs to be done.

Please note: You will be given information to read, please do so, there will be a quiz ;p

this is Dr. Bullen's way of getting you to become familiar with the terminology, as it will apply to you and your current condition.

Today, I understand that pain can be managed without medications, and that there is a better (drugless) approach towards a healthier, natural, and pain free way of life.

Our day-to-day busy schedules often dull our senses, and we block out, and even ignore those distress calls our bodies send out naturally...I would highly recommend a visit to Washington Chiropractic (if you live in the DMV area) or to your local chiropractic office, to anyone who is experiencing ongoing aches, pain and discomfort.

The thigh bone is really connected to the hip bone ;p

5 stars Customer since 2013

Dr. Bullen has been fantastic! He uses a variety of methods to identify the problem, including interviews, examination, and x-rays and then takes the time to thoroughly explain how your spine works, what condition it is in and how to treat it. He puts the patient's needs before anything else and I greatly appreciate the care and attention he gives to his clients.

4 stars Customer since 2013

I went wanting releif & support for going up and down stairs as I was in pain when doing so & could only manuver 1 step at a time.. I was plesantly surprised by the attention to detail in the assessment and consult meetings & the ease the Doctor had in responding to my many questions. I was a 1rst timer & a a bit of a skeptic.

You are educated on various chiropractic care upfront. One thing...always reasess yourself after each treatment so adjustments can be made throughout the process, Both Doc's are good & I even had fun through it all!!....I did see improvement over the 11 months & plan to get adjusted regularly.