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5 stars Customer since 2018

Everyone in the office is very kind. I have had dental problems all my life and am sensitive to the experience of even coming for a checkup. Anyways, I really like David at the front desk. It is nice to hear his friendly and reassuring voice on the phone. I am lucky to have found a dentist as nice, honest, and real as Dr. Williams. I am determined to be sure that my dental program for Medicare indicates that your office is in network. Thanks for being understanding to me. Beth Zelms

5 stars Customer since 2019

Dr. Wiliams and his staff are very professional, friendly, and efficient. I couldn't be more pleased with their service.

5 stars Verified customer

Doctor Strickland was extremely respectful and courteous as was his staff.I would recommend his practice to all my family and friends in the future.

5 stars Verified customer

I think Dr. Strickland is a great dentist and would recommend him highly. There is only one problem that I think the office should work on and that is communication between the receptionists and the clinical staff. When a patient asks for a message to be given to Dr. Strickland it should be answered by him so that he can make the decision whether or not you should come into the office. This happened to me. I was told to come into the office and when I was put into the room the assistant wondered why I had come in when all I needed was a questioned answered and that could have happened over the phone. My time is just as important as your time and I could have saved myself a visit to the office if my message would have been give to Dr. Strickland.Communication is key in any business and they need to work on that.

4 stars Verified customer

Hygienist Kimberly very nice , explained everything.

2 stars Verified customer

Went in for a cleaning and teeth whitening. The dental hygienist began prepping to 'isolate' my gums for the whitening prior to the cleaning...which should've been done before. A dental assistant had to come in and remind her that I had a cleaning schedule before the whitening. So she took about 10 minutes, if that to do the cleaning then began prepping for the whitening again. She promised she would be in the room the whole time and to let her know if I was getting any hot spots. Once the prepping was complete and she applied the bleach and brought the light to my teeth then hit the light with her rolling chair. Fine, she accidentally hit it. Then it happened again and again and probably about 5 times after that. Each time she hit the light with her chair it would hit my teeth and jerk my face. Mind you I had a lip retractor in my mouth and couldn't say a thing. Not once did she apologize but just put it back and left the room when she said she would stay. She just would come back to the room when the machine would beep and reapply the bleach for the next 15 minute session. By the third 15 minute session I started getting a hot spot, but yet again she was not in the room for me to notify her so I tried to put up with the pain and finally had to push the UV light away. A dental assistant happened to walk by and called her to come back into the room. She asked what was wrong and I pointed to the hot spot and she applied relief gel and said she would like to just apply to the top for the fourth session. It didn't take long for my top teeth to start hurting a couple minutes into the fourth, but yet again she was no where to be found so I had to push away the light and tried to signal her or whomever to come back into the room.

I was not satisfied with my teeth whitening experience. I will admit I have sensitive teeth and was forewarned it would sting for a bit, but her unprofessionalism made it that much worse. I also understand it is an hour long procedure and that she may walk away at some point to run to the restroom. But these weren't just bathroom breaks and I could hear her chatting down the hall. She should not say she will be in the room if she does not follow thru. Once the fourth session was cut short and the lip retractor was taken out, my teeth hurt too much to speak up. I was ready to pay and get out. However, I ended up waiting at the check out counter while she was chatting away with the front desk person till another coworker had to come up and say theres a customer waiting. Thank you for allowing me to speak about my experience, I hope it is used so someone else does not have the same experience I did.

5 stars Verified customer

Have just begun the work with Dr. Strickland and his team. So, far I'm impressed!

5 stars Verified customer

I travel almost 70 miles round trip to Dr. Strickland's office for my dental needs.

He and his staff have always been extremely professional, courteous, get me in for my appointments without delay and always take time to explain thoroughly any questions I have regarding the dental and implant procedures that I have been and am currently going through. They are the best.

5 stars Verified customer

Very professional, friendly staff. I felt no pain as I received my new crown in a quick procedure.

5 stars Verified customer

Excellent staff. Everyone contributed to make my experience a pleasant event.