The Weave Shop - Jersey City

5 stars Customer since 2016

I love this place. It takes me an hour a day a half to get there but it's worth the drive

5 stars Customer since 2016

I'm always happy when I leave the shop. I'm taking and selfies, posting then on social media because Shanita is just so good st what she does and that is making my hair look amazing

I will truly miss her and all the ladies at the jersey city location. Always so kind and knowledgeable.

5 stars Customer since 2012

My experience at the Weave Shop is always positive and professional. I have been a client at the Weave Shop since 2012 and I am deeply saddened to hear of the shops closing at the end of the month.

5 stars Customer since 2012

My visit was great as usual. Shanita did my sew in, always takes her time and makes sure of customer satisfaction. Shameeka removed and washed my hair love her work as well and Audra is always pleasant. Disappointed that the shop is closing but i know these ladies will do great wherever they go.

Best wishes to you all,

Happy customer

5 stars Customer since 2016

Everytime I come here it gets my day started off right. I come in tired and looking busted and I leave with my spirits up and my hair looking amazing. The ladies are always friendly, professional, fun, and of course SKILLED. I've never had a complaint about my hair or my experience!

3 stars Verified customer

The stylist was nice. The process was fast the sewing technique was good. My issue was the horrible styling . She cut the most choppy bob I ever saw in my life. I ended paying 20 bucks for another stylist to fix it in my neighbthe following day

1 stars Customer since 2012

Worst experience ever. I went in and asked for a wash and weave tighten. I told the clerk up front that I had a frontal. Unfortunately the woman that usually does my hair wasn't there. So they gave me a stylist who must of been new I mean really new. First of while I'm sitting under the dryer I start to feel my frontal to see how it's drying. The hair still has bits of glue in it as if she didn't wash it good. So I look for her they said she stepped out. So by time she gets back the hair is almost dry already. And she is like it's ok it's not a lot to wash the glue out. So as she tighten the weave this girl gets to the frontal part and she asks the stylist next to her to do it. Both seem to have no clue. These girls literally sewed the side of the frontal sew the middle of the frontal and sewed the front a inch from my forehead. Like I can't even part it any other way than the middle. Than she put some got to b glue in the edges of the front. Than she was like I'm done. I'm like no your not the front isn't laying flat so she puts got b glue all over the hair and sews a elastic band to the back of my head. At this point I'm over it. I have to move my car. I come back because I looked in the mirror of my car the sides are literally lifting up. So I go back same day 10 mins later and the clerk says I have to charge you again to fix it. I'm like how?! You can literally see the braids this is not stable. She goes tighten the frontal is not included in tighten the weave. Extra 50. I rather them charge me 100 and do it right than to charge me 50 twice because the girl did a half assed job. I am disgusted worst experience I ever had. And I come there ALL THE TIME. I literally wanted it tightened for my birthday party but she ruined my frontal I can't even use it. Wasted the whole day wasted a good frontal. The sad part is that I went there to get the weave originally put in and the stylist Mika did I really great job. But when I go there to get a basic maintance they just let any old body do my hair.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Always a pleasant and professional experience! Thanks, ladies!

3 stars Customer since 2013

I arrived at 9am Saturday and waited 2.5 hours before there was someone available to take me. I do like the service but no appointments on weekends is really tough. I would be happy to pay extra for an appointment time with shorter wait.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Did a walk in service on Saturday was seen right away and my styling came out perfect