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2 stars Customer since 2009

My 14yr old son has gone to Wild Smiles since he was a toddler. He recently had an appt. at the downtown Lex. location for a cleaning. As usual; I dread taking him there because I have always had a problem with him brushing his teeth regularly! I even brush them myself a lot of times! In the past he has had cavities/fillings due to this.I know they mean well..but the staff & Drs. lecture me & him about brushing & flossing until I could scream! They also have a HUGE turnover of employees. When Dr.Singh worked there I loved it! They try to use scare tactics about him getting false teeth, etc.(which I have said prob.100 times to him!) I am an RN & understand the importance of regular brushing. This ALL goes unheard by my son! He has soft drinks on occasion, (usually huge Cokes at the movies, etc. his dad buys him- which I can do nothing about as we are divorced. He is aware of the problem also!) As usual, with his recent cleaning he had some other new hygienist who had no name tag on even. She said some VERY innapropriate comments & demeanor in our presence. I should have said something right then but didn't want to cause a scene. Luckily my son started high school 2 wks later & he's at the age where he's finally starting to care about his appearance & has regularly been brushing. He has an apt to return but I'm honestly considering changing Dentistry offices!

4 stars Verified customer

Great place to bring kids.....Staff is great and Very Attentive to any concerns the parents may have......

2 stars Customer since 2007

We waited 5 minutes to check in. We waited another 30 minutes to be seen for an appointment made 6 months prior. Then they wanted to split up my children which I didn't agree with. I have always been with them for there appointments, together. Our appointments, for just a cleaning, took 2 1/2 hours. Finally there was 56% increase for the price of flouride. We were not told until after the fact when we are typically told the price prior to the service. The flouride costs are still significantly higher than other local practices. My children have been patients here all of their lives. I have always been very pleased about the care my children received here...until approximately 18 months ago when the practice declined. We will find a new practice for the future.

5 stars Customer since 2013

My 5 yr old loves coming here! she loves dr Leslie

5 stars Customer since 2017

Both of my children had an excellent first visit to the dentist experience.

5 stars Verified customer

The facility is great, my kids were excited to be there, the dentist was kind, patient and had a good sense of humor. I highly recommend Wild Smiled.

3 stars Verified customer

New doctors, Dr Singh has retired. Different doctor each time we have been since January

4 stars Verified customer

Very friendly and gentle!

1 stars Verified customer

I had made a appointment for my children 6 month in advance, as always they call me a couple of days before i was suppose to arrive and concern the appointment, but the day of the appointment they cancel it without me knowing with no reason. and really did not give one.

3 stars Verified customer

!The fun environment makes kids look forward to going to the dentist. Hygentists are always terrific with kids.

The dentists are hit and miss with their interactions. Some awesome, some just ok.