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Sticking up for business owners. If you would have diagnosed it yourself, you can buy the parts and install them yourself. ANY and EVERY business owner charges more. duh!!! The auto parts store only paid half (or less) when they bought it. Why not tell them to give you their cost? grow up! When I worked at a department store they bought king sized bed spreads for $15 and we sold them for $89.

A little more than half, ya think?

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at least they emailed me about my daughters car that we have not had for years now. We dont have it because they couldnt smog it but they still charged me for parts and labor that they said would be needed for it to pass. I paid the bill then walked next door to auto parts store and gave them a list of the parts I had been charged for the total from the store was less than half of what they charged. So I walked back to ask them about the over charging and thats when they let me know they were in business to make money.