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I recently visited for a bachelorette party. This was my first time visiting a Woodhouse Day Spa. Upon arriving we were offered only water even though I later found out a mimosa was included with our spa day. My first treatment was a 50 minute mani/pedi. I was greeted by Courtney. Upon putting my feet in the water I noticed it was barely room temperature. I asked Courtney for some more hot water to find out their water heat was broken and there was no warm water ready as I watched two other stations be filled with steaming hot water. I was very disappointed by the pedicure as she was done with my toes within 20 minutes of sitting down. I had to ask her to get me a cup of cold water as the air conditioning in the room must have been broken as well because I was sweating. While she was working on my fingers I had a cut and told her and she continued to pick and pull at the skin on it to "fix it" after I told her twice not to as it hurt. She missed about half of each nail not covering it fully to the cuticle on the bottom or sides. I was out of my mani/pedi within 40 minutes, a lovely 10 minutes short. She made me get up and leave with wet fingers and walk back to my room.

My next services was a 25 minutes massage with a guy that I can't remember his name. He was FANTASTIC! I wish I had just done a 50 minute massage with him and called it a day. He applied great pressure, was very good at working out the stressed filled areas on my neck and back. Would definitely recommend him!

I later found out that the girl who booked this for our bridal party experienced much difficultly and a lot of issues booking for months that she had to go through corporate. Amy insured that everything would be taken care of and extra things would be provided to make up for all the stress we encountered, however we did not receive anything. Also our appointments were spread out so while we were a group, we were only together in our room waiting for the next appointment. It would have been nice to have been able to get pedicures together.

Overall I was very disappointed. This is supposed to be a luxury spa and I had very high hopes yet I feel like employees didn't understand that concept. We spend a lot of money and I can definitely without a doubt say it was not worth it. The massage may have been good but that was only 25 minutes out of the 4 hours we were there. We were there as a bridal party and did our best to make the best of it and have fun and enjoy it but the staff did not make it easy.

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Each person that I had an experience wit was ver professional. I left feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

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Upon arrival I discovered that My original appointment did not go through on the website. Fortunately Cortney had an opening at my expected time. She is a wonderful nail tech. New pedi chairs and new room are a nice and much needed upgrade..thanks

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I went in today for the Mellow Mama massage and it was wonderful! This was my first massage experience and I was blown away. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The relaxation room was just that, relaxing and cozy and a perfect place to chill before and after service. I even bought a gift certificate for my husband to enjoy at checkout because the experience was so wonderful. I can't wait to come back! Thanks Woodhouse Spa!!!

Woodhouse Day Spa Dayton replied:

Hi Samara! Thank you for sharing your experience with us! We are so glad you enjoyed your mellow mama massage and hope you will visit again soon!

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Pedicure was very relaxing and professional

Woodhouse Day Spa Dayton replied:

We are so glad to hear this! Please come again soon!!

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I try to have a massage at least once a month. Trisha is amazing! She is the therapist I always book with. I have had other therapist and estheticians and really- they are all wonderful! The atmosphere at woodhouse is unlike any other place. Once I started coming here, I cannot go anywhere else! I absolutely look forward to coming and having a good experience every time!

Woodhouse Day Spa Dayton replied:

Thank you Danielle! We are honored to have you as a loyal guest here! We hope to always exceed your expectations!!

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I have been here twice previously and had excellent experiences. Last nights was a little lacking, but still pretty nice. The girl who did my pedicure didn't introduce herself, talk to me much, and rushed through the pedicure. My 50 minute lavender scrub was done in 35 (yes I timed her because I felt the process was rushed from the beginning). I also noticed she skipped some steps, that were promised in the pedicures description.

My rating system is based on all 3 visits combined- otherwise I would have left a 2/3 star rating for last night.

Woodhouse Day Spa Dayton replied:

Hi, Kristen!

We really appreciate you following up regarding your experience. We'll have a member from our management staff reach out to you.

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Professional and acomodating. Enjoyed the spa treatment

Woodhouse Day Spa Dayton replied:

Hi Carolyn! We are so glad you enjoyed your spa treatment! It's a pleasure to serve you!

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Always a great experience

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Very courteous staff, lovely relaxing environment.

Woodhouse Day Spa Dayton replied:

Thank you CIndi! It's such a pleasure to serve you!