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I was very disappointed in my experience with Wood River Animal Hospital. Saturday morning, my dog was limping badly and my regular vet had no appointments available and so suggested I go to WRAH. I was given an appointment for 11:30 a.m. and was informed that I would have to pay for an emergency appointment--$150. I agreed because I did not want my dog to suffer through a long holiday weekend in pain. I arrived promptly on time, filled out an intake form, and my dog was ushered inside the office without me, due to still-standing Covid protocols. The vet called me in my car shortly after noon, asked a few questions, and said she'd reexamine my dog and would call me back. AN HOUR LATER, I still had not heard back from her. I could only imagine how frightened my dog was, in the office without me for all that time. I called the office but my call went straight to a message saying that the office was now closed. So, I put on a mask and went into the office to find out my dog's status. The woman at the desk said she would check with the vet and have her call me in my car. At 1:30, TWO HOURS AFTER I ARRIVED AT WRAH, I finally received another call from the vet who said that my dog had split his toenail. She clipped his nail, bandaged his paw, and had him delivered out to my car with a $215 bill for services rendered. I WAS CHARGED OVER $200 AND MADE TO WAIT FOR OVER TWO HOURS FOR A SIMPLE PROCEDURE THAT TOOK LESS THAN FIFTEEN MINUTES. Like many pet owners, I love my dog and am careful to ensure he receives the care he needs but that should not include being ill-treated and overcharged by places such as Wood River Animal Hospital.

Wood River Animal Hospital replied:

Hi Lynne,

We would like to apologize for the wait time during your emergency appointment, and feel as though we should give a little explanation. We do strive to communicate estimated wait times as best as possible, but it does seem as though we've fallen short of that on this particular day. Due to the nature of our practice during COVID and the amount of emergencies we are currently triaging for surrounding hospitals (approximately 15-30 non-client ER patients daily), wait times can often be longer than expected. This would be evidenced by your call not going through to our main line as our office closed before we finished seeing all of our emergencies and regularly scheduled patients for the day. Our very first priority is and always will be our patients, who all receive lots of love and careful attention while they are in our care. We are hopeful Bus is feeling better and you were able to be seen by your regular veterinarian for follow-up care after his emergency procedure at WRAH. Thank you.

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Good experience for such awful time for my dog.

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Great service and friendly staff!

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We had a great experience. The staff very helpful. Dr. Serra is so concerned with your dogs' overall health. He is wonderful.

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The automated reminder could use some changes. It continually sends out a reminder that our pet is due, even after we've made an appointment. I would think that once the appointment is made an auto message would be a reminder of the date/time not that the pet is due for an appointment. In all, a minor issue.

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Boomer is already walking on leg, great job. Couldn't be happier!!!

5 stars Customer since 2017

It's always been a pleasant experience, but especially so with the social distancing requirements. All the procedures were in place and the visit went well! The staff was patient, friendly and professional!

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Excellent. Handling the dogs during this difficult time went really well. Congratulations on your process.

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I’m always happy and satisfied with the care and consideration given to me by the staff and especially Dr. Sera

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I miss seeing Dr. Fisher, she wonderful talking care of Zeke. I appreciate your practice of social distancing. You all have stepped up to continue to provide excellent care for both our pets. Zoey likes seeing Dr. Uncle Dave for her visits as much as any cat does.

Thank you all for the wonderful care you provide for our family.

Jenny Galli