Wood River Animal Hospital

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Excellent care at Wood River Animal Hospital! There is a reason my entire family uses them. Wonderful, caring staff that makes you feel welcome and well taken care of. Definitely would recommend to anyone who is looking for exceptional veterinary care for their four legged friends.

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We had a great experience.

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We feel very lucky to have the Wood River Animal Hospital in our community. The atmosphere is comfortable, clean and calm. The docs and staff are all knowledgable, caring and personable. Lovely staff. I would not hesitate to use this veterinary hospital for my pet.

5 stars Verified customer

I was called upon to help a cat's owner to learn how to re-hydrate her with subcutaneous fluids, as her previous vet had suggested. When I saw her terrible condition, I convinced the owner that this cat needed to be SEEN and to allow me to take her to see Dr. Serra.

Courtney got us in that very morning, and Dr. Serra helped the unfortunate cat, in a most knowledgeable and kind manner. The cat was suffering from fatty liver disease as a result of starvation; it had been somewhere between 7 and 16 days since she had eaten.

I believe that she would not have survived without Dr Serra's competent and compassionate care and instructions.

Thanks to the staff for their efficiency and understanding. Thanks to Dr. Serra for who you are and what you do.

4 stars Customer since 2016

A bit pricey but excellent service

5 stars Customer since 2001

We have used Wood River Animal Hospital for over 20 years and have had positive reactions to the services provided

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I stopped by the Hospital -- hoping just to make an appointment for our suddenly sick beloved Cocker Spaniel. The receptionist listened considerately as I described Sophie's symptoms and then surprised me with an available appointment due to a cancellation.

We were treated with the utmost care and consideration throughout -- and we left with feeling so relieved (and grateful) that we had chosen Wood River to take care of our dog...

24 hours and the proper meds later? Sophie is quickly returning to her normal self!

To all the Staff + Dr. Fischer:

Thank You!!!

5 stars Customer since 2016

seen promptly and treated with high degree of professionalism and care for our dog /us

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A totally enjoyable and quick experience!

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The best veterinary service