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100.0% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2012

I was not into yoga at all before I went to Yogaposer. I only tried it out because they offered a great deal on Groupon. I didn't expect much and even thought I'd get bored, but the teachers at Yogaposer were so good that not only did I get a invigorating, strengthening work out, but I actually enjoyed yoga. It was tough at first, especially after I have not exercised in a long time and nursing my 3rd baby, but everyone was so supportive that I felt really good after every class. I also tried several other yoga deals afterwards but I ultimately returned to Yogaposer as my cup of tea! Thanks Yogaposer!

4 stars Verified customer

I have now been attending YogaPoser since over four months now and have sampled numerous classes: including the Foundations series, the main Yoga poser/Yoga Flow course, Elyza's Yoga Power Hour, James Brown's "Poser Tech" course and the "Reposer" Restoratives course.

Overall I really like the courses and the teachers. I LOVE the fact that we can reserve our spots online in advance. That aspect alone has really enhanced my practice and made me "stick with it" longer than stints at other studios. The teachers are all very friendly and really knowledgeable of the physicality of yoga and always give modifications to make the class work for you, no matter where you're at.

The only thing that I wish was different, but may appeal to others, is the fact that there is music for almost all classes- even the restoratives classes. While for many people that may be a bonus, for me it can sometimes be a distraction and makes it harder to focus. It's not that they have bad music choices, most are really nice, but I personally am not a fan of mixing music and yoga.

Overall if these aspects appeal to you and you want a small intimate studio with wide course offerings, intelligent teachers and an online reservation system, and enjoy pairing your sun salutes with music, then you will really enjoy practicing at YogaPoser

5 stars Verified customer

This has become my favorite yoga studio. I love the classes and I leave feeling challenged and strong! Plus there is plenty of parking.

5 stars Customer since 2012

I love YogaPoser. The classes are very convenient for me, and having bought the Groupon, I feel like I'm getting an amazing deal. Addicted to it, especially since they have early AM classes now.

5 stars Customer since 2012

Online problem. It keeps opening a new tab when clicking. It should keep it in the same tab when you surf your site.

4 stars Customer since 2012

Classes here are usually great! They can tend to get a bit crowded considering the limited space, thought. Also, it would be really nice if the instructors would clean the floors between classes. There tends to be sweat all over from the previous class when you go in to set up.

5 stars Customer since 2012

I had an excellent experience... I was the only person to show up to class so I had a one on one session with a great instructor.

5 stars Customer since 2012

The classes are great and the instructors are wonderful. I wish there were more level 2/3 yoga classes during lunchtime and on weekends. I have taken classes with and love Shelly, Lara, Greville, Gaia and Cory! Where has Cory been? Is she coming back? Greville's workshop was fantastic!

BTW - I already have recommended friends. Thanks!

4 stars Verified customer

Loved the class, I think the teacher was a sub (Lauren?) but I really enjoyed her teaching style. Enjoy the studio vibe and I'm glad that the pre-registration keeps it from getting crowded inside the studio. The only critique I'd have was the front desk personnel - as it was my first time coming to this studio I asked her a couple questions like "Do I check in here" and "is there a water cooler" and she seemed very annoyed that I was bothering her. I'm not sure if they are not associated with the studio - but seeing as it is right in front of the studio - it seemed natural to assume I could get information there.

4 stars Customer since 2012

Knowledgeable instructors at convenient class times!