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1 stars Customer since 2014

These guys used to be good. Then something changed. Stay away from them. For several years they tried to cure the fungis on my tree but finally admitted defeat and told me I needed a new tree. Wow, I thought they were professional tree people but can't even cure a problem after charging me a lot of money to cure the problem. So I bought a very expensive CA Pepper tree. Then they realized they couldn't get the large new tree into my back yard so it sat on the street for days while they kept bringing crews to plant it. Finally they said I had to pay for s crane to lift it over my house. Three different cranes came and finally one was able to do the job. Of course now the cost of the tree escalated so I had to pay far more than the original price. OK, so they finally got the tree planted and left, never to be seen again. They never came back even one time to see if the transplanted tree was surviving and growing. They never even called to ask if the tree was alive and growing. They didn't even tell me what to do or what to feed the new tree. So today, about a year later I got an email from them asking me to use their tree service and to rate them, still not even asking if the tree was dead or alive. Amazing! So here's my review rating. Zero stars. Beware, they can't cure a tree problem, then they'll sell you a new replacement tree and not even apologize they are unable to transport it to the backyard without an enormous price increase for a crane.

5 stars Customer since 2014

I have used Your Way a few times now and they do beautiful work. They are reliable, the workers are courteous and extremely capable. It was amazing to see them working up so high in my huge eucalyptus trees. They are experts and like engineers the way they figure out what big branches to cut first and then rope them carefully to the ground. They stack the wood and clean up thoroughly. I recommend them highly and without reservation.