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5 stars Customer since 2014

Super helpful, professional. From front desk to the doctor. Five star.

3 stars Customer since 2018

I received a quick appointment and saw the doctor without a long wait. Dr. Novach is very knowledgeable, but spoke rapidly and at a high level. Excellent clinical advice, but she is not very friendly. Next time I will ask for a different doctor.

5 stars Verified customer

My kitty has stayed in great health thanks to the fine vets here. They go the extra mile during emergencies, and they saw me at the appointed time. No wait. Thank you.

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5 stars Customer since 1992

Dr. Miller did a brilliant spaying of my nine month old Himalayan kitten, Pari, on June 26th. Despite the fact that Pari was unable to have her Metrodinazole discontinued one week before her surgery (the time it takes to leave a cat's system, and she could only discontinue it 48 hours beforehand or she could get liquid diarrhea and not be able to be spayed, she was taking it for chronic "kitten diarrhea") and despite the fact that Metrodinazole with anesthesia can cause neurotoxicity, and that Pari suffered from chronic diarrhea all of her nine months and was a "sickly kitten, Dr. Miller spayed her most auspiciously, with the assistance of the fabulous vet tech Erika who assiduously and most carefully monitored all of her monitors during the procedure; she did not have any complications before, after or during her spaying!!! When I brought Pari home and opened the cage door, she bolted running 90 MPH around the apt and jumping on furniture. I was afraid her stitches came out and immediately called Dr. Miller who came to the phone and told me to confine her the first night and while I was a work during the week.

Dr. Miller also allayed all my worries about the surgery on June 23th, when I met with him and expressed all my concerns.

On Tuesday, July 3, Pari had her stitches and collar removed from the equally phenomenal and fabulous vet, Dr. Sasha Hilchuck, who from the way she handled Pari, cut off a knot of her hair on her belly that I thought was her belly button, so carefully removed her stitches, applied an ointment to the incision, and then so thoughtfully authorized the sensational vet assistant Kim (who has been assisting Dr. Miller and Dr. Hilchuck with restraining my cats for many years), to provide me with a two days supply of the ointment in a zip lock bag so that I would not have to pay for a tube of this expensive ointment, because Dr. Hilchuck knows that I do not have a lot of money. Furthermore, Kim was so thorough as to check under Pari's tail that needed to be shaved, not because she had had diarrhea but because Dr. Hilchuck said she could not groom herself because of the collar around Pari's neck. From the most tender and loving manner in which Dr. Hilchuck handled Pari, it was abundantly evident that Pari is not just "another kitten" to her but that she actually loves Pari!!! Dr. Hilchuck easily has to be one of the top female feline veterinarians in the Greater New York Area and maybe even the very top one!! Carnegie Hill Veterinarians is definitely THE animal hospital where you want to take your cats and dogs for their veterinary care and surgeries!! Dr. Hilchuck is an equally skilled surgeon as is Dr. Miller but she is in only on Wednesdays and one or two Saturdays a month (when they never do surgeries) and my boss who is a vascular surgeon sees patients at his outside Brooklyn office on Tuesdays and we have no patients in the Hospital where I work on Tuesdays, so I had to have Pari spayed and her stitches taken out on Tuesdays, but Dr. Hilchuck was working on the 3rd of July because the 4th was a holiday and Dr. Miller was away on the 3rd. Also, Dr. Miller has been my Samoyeds' (which I had in the 70's) and cats' vet for FORTY-FOUR years, continuously!

As if it were not enough that Dr. Miller and Dr.Hilchuck are so outstanding, all of the other techs and front desk staff: Erik, Marise, the office manager, Rene, etc all work like a team and swiftly get messages about Pari and my other Himmie, Mani to Dr. Miller and Dr. Hilchuck (even when she is on vacation!) and return their messages back to me equally fast, preventing me from having to take my cats to emergency vet hospitals which I cannot even begin to afford! Kim even sends me detailed emails with Dr. Miller's responses about Pari and Mani, despite how hectic the front desk is! Furthermore, there is no turnover of staff, except when techs leave to go to vet school!!

This is a sensational animal hospital!! It is for sure, the small No. one. feline and canine l hospital in all of the Greater New York area!

PS Pari discontinued her Metrodinazole on June 24th and still has not had any diarrhea since; she may very well have outgrown her "kitten diarrhea" as Dr. Hilchuck predicted she would at nine months of age. Both Dr. Miller and Dr. Hilchuck prescribed many different kinds of foods and meds for Pari to help get rid of her diarrhea.


5 stars Verified customer

I always feel welcome and immediately attended to when I enter the office. The staff is lovely and always kind to Frida.

5 stars Verified customer

Great experience for my pet

5 stars Customer since 2010

Dr. Hilchuck has been our vet for 8 years. She is wonderful with our dog - very kind and caring. The staff is professional and efficient. Always a positive experience.

5 stars Customer since 2009

Love Dr. lMiller, he is thoughtful, not an alarmist, very conservative in his diagnosis, and gives my dog the very best care. He's awesome.

5 stars Customer since 2007

Dr. Miller is a God and can diagnose any animal correctly from a mile away! As far as I am concerned, he is the ONLY veterinarian in NYC! And, I will NOT let him RETIRE!