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We are just getting started on our journey. But I have no doubt that the new Hope Center will help us all along the way and be very supportive. Everyone has been so kind and helpful

The New Hope Center replied:

Thank you for your kind review! We are so excited you are feeling positive about your journey- we are too.

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As always the staff was friendly, informative, and punctual!

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Absolutely loved everything about the new hope center. Staff was professional but very welcoming. The doctor was hands down the nicest woman I have ever met. As well as everyone my wife and I came in contact with.

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It was a very pleasant experience. Dr Robin is fantastic and takes the time to fully explain the suggested procedures. The Finance team got back to us quickly with all of the financial details AND they answered the phone when I called. We did not have to play phone tag.

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I have been a patient for over 10 years. I called to make my annual appointment, which in the past has been in or around December. I called five different times, the first four times I was left on hold for over 6 minutes. I was calling while at work, therefore I couldn't continue holding. The fifth time I called, I asked if I could just leave a message for whoever would do the scheduling. That was on a Monday morning. I didn't get a call back until Wednesday afternoon around 4:30. The person calling let it ring twice and then hung up and didn't leave a message. I called back a few minutes later and was again, left on hold for over 5 minutes. When I finally did get someone, I said that I needed to make my annual appointment with Kat, as well as a follow up ultrasound to check fibroids. I was given two different options for appointments. Both were Saturdays, one in December and one in January. I was told there was nothing else available. I was concerned as to what was going on b/c this has never been the issue in the past. I then asked if it would be with Kat, like I originally requested, and was told no, it would be with a lady named Barb. First of all, that should have been told to me up front when I asked for an appointment with Kat. It felt very sneaky that it was never mentioned. After being transferred to the office manager, who was extremely helpful, I was told she would put me on the list for the following Monday if any of those appointments cancelled when she called to confirm them. I did end up getting in on Monday with Kat. However, once I was there I was told that my last annual, was in February. Therefore, I wouldn't be able to get one. My issue with that is that I was left on hold, five different times, when trying to make the appointment, b/c a "scheduler" needed to make the appointment. Why did the person making the appointment not look at my chart, prior to making it, to be sure it had been at least a year since my last one?? That just seems like a waste of time for not only myself, but for the office. That was an appointment that someone else could have had, and I wouldn't have had to miss time from work and drive 30 minutes there and back for nothing. Thankfully, I did get the ultrasound, and I appreciate Kat for doing that. Lastly, I was not made aware of the fact that Dr. Perez was no longer with the office. When I started as a new patient, Dr. Robin was the only doctor there. Once Dr. Perez started, he did a surgery for me and then started seeing me for routine checks/appointments. At one point, I was told by the front desk that I needed to pick which doctor I wanted to be assigned to. Since I wasn't doing anything with IVF at that point, and because I had established a good relationship with Dr. Perez, I chose to go with him. I don't understand why no one notified his patients that he would no longer be there. Again, it seems very sneak and dishonest. I realize that I am one of many patients, and this will probably not make any difference at all. However, I have referred so many of my friends over the past 10 years to New Hope. When they were faced with fertility challenges and trying to decide between Jones and New Hope, I raved about you all. Things have changed a lot over the years and not in a good way. It's disappointing, and while I would continue to refer people to Dr. Robin for IVF, b/c I do believe she is the absolute best in the business, the referral would come with a warning about the rest of the practice, and how things are being ran.

The New Hope Center replied:

Good afternoon, Courtney. Thank you for your feedback regarding the issues you experienced in our office. Your input, as well as the input from all of our patients, is vitally important to us and we take both positive and negative reviews seriously so that we can learn from them. First of all, I would like to apologize again on behalf of the entire staff. The departure of Dr. Perez and Kat was a very complex situation and has taken longer than expected to come up with a mutual arrangement/agreement. This is no excuse though for it to affect our patients and we are sorry for the way your questions had been answered and for the numerous times you were placed on hold. But the complexity of the departure made it difficult for the staff to answer questions and schedule appropriately. We are working diligently to address the issues because I do feel that we strive to have al well run practice. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your past patronage.


JoAnn Hall

Office Manager

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Finally, someone who believes me. I am so happy to have found New Hope Center.

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Service is always great. The staff is always polite

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Dr.Robin is amazing and really tries to connect to the patient. The rest of the staff is very helpful and I always feel cared for. The only thing is wait time can be a while :(

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Dr.Robin is amazing and really tries to connect to the patient. The rest of the staff is very helpful and I always feel cared for. The only thing is wait time can be a while :(

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The medical treatment is individualized and the staff the is so caring .