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I was greatly disappointed and disgusted with the way my little children were treated. One day on a very hot summer afternoon I brought my pets in for a subcutaneous fluid treatment. They had been treated at home, but the vet tech never showed up so I decided to bring them in the next day. I noticed a very sick cat sneezing in the reception area. I politely asked the staff if I could put them in a room and wait. The receptionist said that they don't do that. I pleaded with the staff to give me a room but they still said no.......I finally placed my two cats with kidney failure into my car to wait until a vet tech could come and administer the fluids. I waited 45 minutes in my car and had had enough. I marched back into the office pleading with the staff to give them their fluids. What I was told next was sickening. I was told I was rude, out of line and they told me not to come back.

At this point I was left with a big problem because I had to find a new vet tech who would come to my home. It took two weeks to find someone capable and trustworthy. By that time my cats were without fluid treatment for two weeks. My one Angel became weakened from them stopping treatment and died one month later....

5 stars Customer since 2001

I have been taking my cats to the Cat Clinic since Autumn 2001. I am extremely pleased w the care to Baby, Little and Bim.

5 stars Customer since 2009

Ten yrs ago, on a routine check, you caught a serious heart arrythmia in my cat, Layla. A specialist put her on a medication regimen that gave us ten happy yrs together. I lost her recently to this very condition, but without your expertise it would have happened many yrs ago. Thank you so much!