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I was not happy of my last visit with All West Dental last Sept. 18, 2017 because the shade (too white) of the filling she put on my chipped tooth was not the same shade as my other teeth.

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The staff are very kind , friendly, and helpful and I like the the new dentist I met at my visit

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As someone who is quite apprehensive about visiting the dentists, I found Dr Mulroy one of the best dentists that I had gone to, therefore I was quite concerned about Dr. Mulroy's departure. I recently had a some work done by Dr. McKenna. He was attentive to my concerns, explained what he was doing and why and was professional in his delivery of my treatment.

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Your staff made me feel at ease, I am very uncomfortable about dental work but they were very considerate and friendly. Not quite as chicken now about what lies ahead.

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I was upset because of how Chloe's Appt went. She was upset because the xray was hurting but the dental hygienist didn't seem to care. At the end I had three kids but only one dental hygienist gave a gift bag with a free Toothbrush. Alex and Chloe didn't get one and they had the same dental hygienist. I don't care for the free Toothbrush, but it is hard when 1 gets a bag and the other two don't. What work I spent the past 3 years to get Chloe to trust the dentist was gone yesterday. I also didn't appreciate the condescending attitude of the dental hygienist that Chloe dealt with. I realize that they have cavities, but my husband decided to let the girls brush their own teeth while I was putting our son to bed. Chloe's big cavity is in the same spot as the soft spot the previous dentist told us to watch out for. My husband forgot and didn't watch out for that spot. Makayla also has a soft spot on the left side of her teeth that was also neglected. I am debating on going to another dentist, especially with how upset chloe got and later when she realized she didn't get a free Toothbrush either.

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I didn't appreciate being treated and talk to you like a child I'm a full-grown woman that's been through too much in her life to be treated with anything but the upmost respect. I use to highly recommend this place but with the new dentist I'm thinking I need to find a new one

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Everyone is so friendly and makes the experience of having to go to the dentist that much more enjoyable!

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Dr. McKenna is an excellent addition to the practice. The assistant was extremely polite and comforting.

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Fantastic service as usual, from the moment you walk in, until you leave. Dr. Debbie Mulroy is an amazing person and her personality and management skills funnel down to the people she hires and how everyone functions in that workplace! Everyone is so friendly, efficient and accommodating!

Robyn Melling : )

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The staff and service are great.