75.0% would refer friends and family to us

4 stars Verified customer

Anissa did my lashes and she always doesn't an amazing job and is very friendly.

5 stars Customer since 2017

My lashes look amazing ! Victoria never disappoints.

1 stars Customer since 2016

I love lashes and treat myself when headed out on vacation, so even without make-up I look refreshed and put together. Unfortunately, while the technician was very gentle - my lashes fell out in a very short amount of time (20 on the first day) and due to my vacation schedule I did not have the chance to contact the studio. It was a huge disappointment as they continued to fall out while on vacation.

1 stars Customer since 2017

What is with the tape?? Have had lashes done off and on over

The last few years. No studio has ever used tape. My eyes and face were covered in red

Rashes from the tape. Couldn't believe how painful it was as she was ripping it off. Why would you do that to the most

Delicate skin on your body?? I will never use your studio again.

1 stars Verified customer

Horrible experience in Brea yesterday. My membership is in Eastvale but I was working in Brea, so I switched my appointment. Tech was nice but when I finished I could not see, everything was blurry.. To top it off, when I went to pay, they charged me full price and said it was too early to pull my monthly. This made no sense since when I booked it, it was for my regular monthly fill. If I am going to go in between, I would just pay for a mini fill. Since my membership was at another salon, she couldn't do anything about it. Then, I wake up this morning and my eyes are completely swollen,red and very sore. I think there is a layer of glue on the whites of my eyes. Thank god it's not in the middle of my eye. I have been getting Eyelash's for 5+ years and have never had a reaction of any kind. Never had anyone get glue in my eyes. The tech was new, they were out of gel pads and she used very little tape. I think she needs more training. I have asked to speak with the manager in both salons, but neither have returned my call. We'll see.

5 stars Verified customer

Every time I come and get my lashes done everyone is so sweet. I always come out walking like a million bucks.

3 stars Customer since 2016

The staff and my experience at Amazing Lash are OK. I am not happy with the lashes. After two days it looked like I needed another refeill. I know the studio allows a FIX after three days but it is getting to be an every time occurrence so I will not be renewing my contract. I guess the lashes are not for me.

ALso, the technicians leave all the time so you just get used to one and they change.

5 stars Verified customer

I went to Annissa. My first time with her. She did a great job. Ari was very helpful at the front desk. I had many questions regarding products and membership.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Had a very good experience, everyone was nice and super caring!

2 stars Customer since 2016

I was not happy with the requirement of a three-week lash fill .. I understand why you do it to revent people from going too long however I have my nails done at four weeks they just don't grow and I believe my lashes should go at least 3 1/2 to 4 weeks ... I will cancel if this practice continues

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Brea Dental Group

5 stars 415 reviews

I had never been to the dentist in my 48yrs and I am terrified from hearing all the horror stories from family and friends but the pain was unbearable. When I called the staff answered all my question and were empathetic to my pain and concerns they reassured me they will only take a look at no cost and would go over all the options I had or at least give me a prescription to fight the infection that was causing the pain. They set an appointment that day and even let my wife and daughter come in with me while getting examined to settle my nerves. The staff is very friendly and was quick to get my information get me in a room to see the Dentists. The Dentist was down to earth and told me his background that made me feel at ease and would tell me everything he was about to do and explained exactly what issues I had and different option how to take care of it with the difference in costs involved and also went over preventative actions I should be aware of and options I could choose from. When I went in for my procedure it was the same smiling faces and everyone explaining exactly what they were doing. I didn't experience any pain or feeling uncomfortable that everyone had warned me about and it didn't take my life savings... If there is a "Tooth Fairy" he/she trained at the Brea Dental Group!
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