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My hygienist was very personable which calmed the nerves of my visit a lot. She talked me through the whole debridement process as it was going and while the procedure itself was uncomfortable at times, I knew that was coming and the great work of my hygienist helped a lot.

5 stars Customer since 2010

Excellent dental office. Staff so friendly and professional.

5 stars Customer since 2013

Chris always does a great job!

4 stars Customer since 2013

Love my dental hygienist.

1 stars Customer since 2015

Dentist seemed as if he was in a hurry and did not explain the procedure they We’r going to perform, I got more information from the receptionist!

Seems as if the staff always changes with every visit, I won’t be back!!

5 stars Customer since 2010

Staff is so friendly and professional. Office extreme clean and they abide by all safety protocols.

3 stars Verified customer

Different opinions from two different people on a path forward, seemed like money fixed everything.

1 stars Customer since 2013

I came for fillings. I was there for fillings on both sides a few weeks ago. The numbing agent didn’t take effect on one side and I could feel everything, so they only did one side. I came today for the other side. The numbing gel that’s usually left in my mouth for ten minutes was swabbed for a few seconds and taken out, and I was immediately injected with numbing medicine. I have serious anxiety about needles in my mouth, nowhere else, but mouth. Maybe that’s standard practice in some circumstances but in the past I have trouble getting numb, and nothing was explained to me, so for me it was irregular and alarming. They checked after a few minutes and I could still feel, so I got more needles in my mouth. They checked again a few minutes later and I said I was mostly numb, and the dentist started work. I jumped out of my seat several times because I could feel the drill going into my tooth. She said nothing and kept going. I don’t plan on returning. Dental work is an anxiety for me and numbing medicine doesn’t work well for me. She knew that and she just went ahead and did the work while I took the pain as best I could. I thought we had more options than just let the patient deal with the extreme pain. It also seemed liked the atmosphere of the whole place was rushed. Is usually isn’t. I think the dentist had some place to be and I payed the price for her impatience. I went out of my way to schedule to be with that dentist because in the past I thought she did a great job, but after this experience I’m going to find a new clinic. Lots of options out there. Really a shame.

3 stars Customer since 2009

The cleaning was satisfactory

Door was locked and office still closed at the 8:00 time of the appointment. Staff should arrive early so that patients are processed as soon as they arrive. You send me several reminders to arrive on time; you should do the same.

Receptionist did not wear a mask during intake and wore one improperly while checking me out. This is unacceptable for a medical facility.

5 stars Customer since 2015

The people working in the office and dental assistants along with the dentist was very respectful and made me aware of what was in store according to what option I chose to take. The dentist was encouraging and humorist which makes a big difference in making a patient relaxed and comfortable. I have no complaints.