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1 stars Verified customer

Not happy. I've been a long-time client of Dr. BEEVE. So far back that I was seeing the Dr that referred me to Dr. Beeve (original doctor since 1974 and father of current Dr. Beeve). I went for a full exam (Oct. 2020) after over 5 years and had - what I thought was a complete exam. Received a clean bill of health, but was complaining of bad vision. Had reading glasses prescribed and worked by a nurse assistant. The following month I returned to get them redone, because they were not working st all. Tried the 2nd paid for a couple of months to no avail and called in early February 2021 to complain that the 2nd set are of no use to me because they still don't work. The gatekeeper passed me on to some admin of Dr. Beeve and asked me if I had my insurance still. I told her no and had changed insurance companies. That is when everything went south. Because they didn't see a way to extract more money from my insurance, they told me I'd have to come in and pay for another "conprehensive" exam. I asked what type of exam did I have in October? She responded basic and I wasn't happy. Why would they do a basic exam on my precious eyes, if I haven't been in for an eye exam in well over 5 years? I now have glasses that I can't use and my new insurance does not cover vision. They were paid for services and were aware of my complaints with my vision. This organization has become an unethical "money grab" and I will make sure to never recommend Dr. Beeve to anyone I know. My kids went to him, but no more. I have no patience for unethical doctors who don't appreciate client loyalty. To me it seems that the service charged as soon as he started doing cosmetic treatments. Cosmetic treatments by an opthomologist?

5 stars Verified customer

Very knowledgable, kind, caring.

4 stars Verified customer

The center is wonderful, but I get two minute from the doctor and all the work is done by the girls. I like more time with the doctor himself. I have been attending Beeve Vision for over ten may be fifteen years, however, this is what I feel.

I would have given a five star, if I receive more face time with the doctor, and less wait time when making an appointment.

BTW the print on this portion of the survey that we are typing is way too small.

5 stars Verified customer


stars all the way ..

4 stars Verified customer

My visit was a follow-up to keep track of any eye problems. They are usually on time and once the initial testing is done by a office staff, I see the doctor. He's thorough and he asks me to make another follow up appointment.

5 stars Verified customer

very polite and cooperative staff

5 stars Verified customer

My experience has always been positive when I visit the Beeve Vision Care Center. The employees are friendly and receptive to feedback. My only feedback is while I appreciate the utilization of technology - the number of text alerts, emails, phone calls, and follow up is excessive. I recommend opting out of the text alerts as you'll still receive plenty of emails and phone calls.

5 stars Verified customer

Very good visit, everyone is so kind and helpful.

5 stars Verified customer

Friendly staff. Dr. Beeve is incredibly informative, helpful and decisive with diagnosis and coming up with a treatment plan. Along with his staff, they have a personal touch that is much preferred over large group offices of physicians.

5 stars Verified customer

Very professional, quick and efficient. Lena was very efficient and thorough.