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1 stars Customer since 2016

Do not go here I has a root camel and after a few months the whole tooth felel out. I paid everything and several months later they say I owe 129 more of course I should not pay. Instead of taking it off they put in collections . There should really pay us 1500 back

5 stars Customer since 2009

I always like it there at your office, but this last time I went I will appreciate if Dr. siegal or someone as experienced as him can work on my teeth. Dr. Abbot is great also. Thanks.

1 stars Customer since 2014

I was impressed that there were female dentists working there and very young, there attitude was fantastic but the billing practice of calling ur insurance not getting what they need to process a claim and with u standing there in there office instead of asking the insurance co. to hold while they advise you that they can't get what they need and passing the phone to u to speak to the insurance company is so wrong on so many levels, it's not funny.

The cleaning, I have had many in my life time since 1974 on a regular 6 mo. bases I've had some scraping of my teeth, I've had info regarding flossing given to me and I've had my teeth polished with florid treatment and or a mouth card like piece with jell (florid) placed in my mouth and had to keep it in for about 20 min's. That didn't happen here U folks charged $ 85.00 just to scrap my teeth and nothing more. Really disappointed because when I left I did not have that clean feeling like I've felt with all my other dental visits with Dr. Passett who is retired, Dr. Wolin he was just to painful with his cleanings we hurt for days with him but our teeth were clean and we got our florid treatment and with both we also got tooth brushes, floss and on some occasions samples of tooth paste. This even happened with the dentists on Milwaukee Ave. & Logan Square they just didn't have a permanent dentist, they kept rotating out. All I got from you folks was a scrapping of teeth and see you next time. Sorry to say it's not gonna happen again.

You folks charged me a promotional fee of $ 1.00 that's the kind of cleaning I felt I got!

The promotional fee your people never explained what the $ 1.00 dollar was exactly for so I assumed it was for the x-rays taken and only that.

I did love how you folks put together the invoice I was given with the speed of lightening about work you felt I needed especially the root canal work. You folks are like Lakeview Dental tried to be I went in with a bad tooth which The Dentist there wanted to drill fix cavity and if he couldn't he'd offer another crown and or depending what was found would probably have to do root canal. I flatly refused and insisted they pull it. The oral surgeon saw me also from same office and he tried to talk me out of pulling the tooth I also said no to him so with that he pulled it. He was amazed at how the tooth came out in exactly 4 even pieces and how nothing they would have done would have been the correct way to go, he also showed the dentist how the tooth came out. You folks refused great but I also have 3 holes in 3 different teeth which according to the x-rays you folks didn't see. I have discomfort with all 3 which is mild that's to say some times, once maybe every 2 weeks, I'll feel air, something sweet etc... but you folks said there was nothing. I was surprised that I had a cavity up front top! I wasn't told in plain English exactly were the 2 cavities you found were. You folks should really do that.

I was a bit annoyed after expressly denying the following work: the crown and root canal that not only did the dentist kept bringing it to me so did the billing folks wanted to know if my credit card could handle the cost of the work. Yet what they should have been concerned with was getting the information they needed from my insurance co. while I was there.

For your great attitudes I'll give you folks 5 stars, for the way things were handled billing wise and the work cleaning, explaining etc.... sorry I have to give you folks 1 star.

5 stars Customer since 2013

Well, when you go to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned it is quite an experience. If you are like me, you are one who avoids the cleaning for many years, the result is a deep cleaning. Was I ever surprised! Even though it was a little stressful for me, it was a breeze for Lizzy and Dr. Shah. The stress was mine, Lizzy was reassuring and gentle even though my appointment went overtime. Dr. Shah was there when needed, also reassuring. If you are looking for a really good dental service, I would definitely recommend Big Smile Dental. My heartfelt thanks to them for such excellent service.

5 stars Customer since 2008

It's a fantastic dentist's office from reception and cleaning to the dentist visit. They're all very helpful and kind.

5 stars Customer since 2013

Courteous and knowledgable staff. Don't feel like I'm being rushed through my visit. Recommend to anyone looking for a dentist :)

5 stars Customer since 2011

I give this location a 10 for their customer service and friendliness

5 stars Customer since 1988

Big Smile Dental has changed my attitude about Dental visits - to their office anyway.. As I'm sure many of you can understand, a dental appt. is not one of your favorite destinations. I have always been a "Dr./Dentist's Nightmare". Frequently, I delay or even avoid necessary visits, putting my "pearly whites" in greater jeopardy...

Yesterday I had major work that was unavoidable. I worried about it all week. I was prepared to take the day off from my job so I could recover. Dr. Siegel administered the anesthetic so perfectly, even the needles didn't hurt! The work was done so easily, I left there and went to work.

An added bonus, the staff up front put more money in my "pay to park" meter. The only thing I didn't get was a Tootsie Pop on the way out...

Thank you all at Big Smile Dental ,

Karen Epton

4 stars Customer since 2012

Not only are they great at cleaning teeth... they make me laugh too. Thanks!

5 stars Verified customer

Very friendly staff. Knowledgable. Would recommend to anyone looking for a dentist office.