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5 stars Verified customer

I had a wonderful experience. The staff was great. Doctor Caster was terrific.

Any superlative you care to think of applies.

I started the procedure with ~20/500 vision with astigmatism, worn since I was 8 and tested at 20/15 upon exiting.

Beyond the incredible results everyone was friendly, supportive, and accessible.

I believe that they have to be the absolute best.

5 stars Verified customer

After decades of wearing contacts and glasses I asked my daughter to investigate the premier eye care center in Ca as I assumed I would be incapacitated to a large degree after surgery. She asked her boyfriend who is an executive at Werner Brothers to research also. He enlisted the aid of people who only use the best. Dr. Caster was the only one all came back with. After meeting with Dr. Caster and his delightful staff I made the decision to have one eye fixed at a time as in the worst case scenario I still wouldn't need a dog. Unbelievable still doesn't do justice to the results or the experience itself. I have had more inconvenience when sand has gotten in my eyes than I have ever felt in the entire process of surgery and recovery. And the lack of contact with my eyes by not using contacts has brought a whole new awareness of the unspoken value of hygiene for my eyes as I don't have to shower before putting contacts in or out, etc. I am looking forward to the pleasure of having the other eye fixed the next time I'm in Ca. as I live in Wy but won't have anyone but Dr. Caster and his superbly competent staff anywhere near my eyes. My sight is priceless and the services performed by Dr Caster and his staff can't be praised enough. With heartfelt thanks I close.

Ed Kitchen