80.0% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2005

Everyone is always pleasant and the young lady who cleaned my teeth, always does an excellent job.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Quality care as always!

5 stars Customer since 2014

I always have excellent experience at Centennial Light when Conny take care of my teeth.

4 stars Verified customer

I liked Dr. Camille and the dark haired gal who took my xrays. They were both pleasant and competent. I look forward to seeing them both again.

As far as payment goes, I paid for half of the procedure in the day of my first visit. The receptionist went over the numbers orally of how much the procedure cost, how much insurance was expected to pay, and how much I owed. There was some confusion in the amount that insurance would pay. When I pay the balance of the bill, it would be nice to have it all typed out on a statement, to avoid confusion, and spell things out clearly.

5 stars Customer since 2015

It was a good experience where I'm comfortable. However, without insurance I'm likely to look for a lower cost service for teeth cleanings.

1 stars Customer since 2012

wanted to charge me $347.00 for a simple tooth filling without novacane claimed to be an error after i complained reduced $190.00 still too expensive.will not go back can not be trusted.

2 stars Verified customer

Still trying to figure out the new doctor and the office. Would appreciate a bit more transparency in billings and more organization at the front desk. Prices have definitely gone up since new doctor took over and multiple billing issues have me confused as to why I'm even being charged for routine work (cleaning/pictures) that I was not charged for before with Dr. Sue. My final opinion is still out but the new doctor definitely isn't wasting anytime in selling new work that didn't seem to be required only a few months before so take that as you will.

3 stars Verified customer

I had been going to Dr. Sue for over 30 years, change is hard, and I miss all the people that used to work in the office.

I am trying to get used to the new faces and the way things work, so for now, it seems ok with me and I will continue using Centennial Light Dental. I'm giving an average rating because I haven't got much to compare it to. Eventually I would like to give it an excellent rating,

My wife however had a horrible first experience just days after Centennial took over from Dr. Sue. She was in the waiting room and supposedly heard the office manager ripping into an employee for being 10mins late due to traffic and complaining about all the inefficiencies of the office. You have probably lost my wife as a patient permanently. If I see or hear anything like that I will be gone too. Both of us expect employers to treat their employees fairly and professionally.

5 stars Customer since 1997

The dental hygienist did an excellent job cleaning my teeth.

5 stars Verified customer

Excellent staff

Centennial Light Dental replied:

Thank you! We think so too!


Deborah Brown

Dir. of Customer Service