83.3% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2014

Spencer is very professional and pleasant. He arrives on time and does quality work. I will recommend this service to my friends, family and colleagues.

5 stars Customer since 2015

This was a repair job. The technician caulked a leak around a range vent, caulked some other areas, fixed nail pops, etc. He offered bids for two levels of repair, but made no attempt to push the more expensive option. He was very professional and pleasant to work with. I will definitely call Clear Choice when I need additional service.

5 stars Customer since 2015

Excellent in every way. I had asked Michael to look at my roof after my insurance company had declined that there was any damage. After he inspected the roof, he called and said that it had definitely been damaged from hail and wind. He met my insurance adjuster at the house to show the adjuster what he saw. He turned them completely around. He wasn't the cheapest quote I got but he was so detailed is so willing to go over above and beyond to help me I know I made the right choice and my roof is solid and beautiful.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Great communication..prompt response to questions...excellent work in a timely manner

2 stars Customer since 2013

Below is a verbatim email exchange between Clear Choice Roofing and myself. My comments are followed by responses from CCR which I put n quotations marks.

From: Clear Choice Roofing <[email protected]>

Date: Monday, August 11, 2014 12:29 PM


Rhonda Vaughn <[email protected]>, Clear Choice Roofing <[email protected]>, Michael Ludlow <[email protected]>

Subject: Unpaid CCR invoice/non responsive customer

Hi, Rhonda-

We acknowledge that this invoice is way past due. We raised some

concerns/issues with your company about our experience upon receipt of it

and then things got extremely hectic and busy for us and communication

dropped off.

"customer unresponsive for 2 months?"

To recap:

We initially had your company out for a repair to a small area of the

roof. The repair was a joke. Laughable. But we found that out the hard way

when water penetrated that area and damaged the drywall in the ceiling,

wall as well as large sections of the trim around the patio door. We had a

licensed home inspector out to look at the issue and he found that the

material laid over the area in question wasn┬╣t even secured to the roof

structure. Very strange. We contacted your company about it and your

proposed resolution was to discount HALF of the repair cost toward a total

replacement of that portion of the roof. It surprised us that you felt

entitled to keep half or any of the initial cost since the work was a

total failure, but we moved forward since we needed to stop the

penetration of water into the home.

"Mike initiated a more extensive repair as he advised to do in the first place,at no additional cost,altho the original repair carried no warranty,additional labor and material was covered by CCR."

While completing the next phase of work your crew drove a nail into an

electrical wire in the ceiling that knocked out power to a portion of the

home.Due to the fact human beings cannot see threw decking,city code requires all electrical,a/c lines, cable wires ect be installed 3 inches away from decking.Manufactures installation specifications state that NAILS MUST PENETRATE decking,theirfor theses codes are in place,can you imagine if it wasn't. The lawsuits from electrocuted roofers to houses burning down would be a nightmare. Section #11 on his contract states we are not responsible.

That repair by an electrician cost us $350.

"This bill should be taken up with the builder or the electrician that did not adhere to city code requirements.The customer can even call into question the " licensed Home inspector" that originally inspected the completion of this home and or additions to see why this Fire hazard was overlooked and passed."

We have not yet repaired the drywall and trim from the bad patch job. Not sure what that will cost,

but I believe it will exceed $1000 after factoring the materials, repainting, etc.

"I can only assume the customer did not read his contracts before they sign it?

Line item 21,22,23 CCR is not responsible for interior damages."

Our experience with your company to date has not been a positive one.

We feel the same in our relations with the customer as well.

I make my living in a service-based business serving homeowners- same as

you. I earn a lot of business through YELP- a site I utilize to find

vendors as well as review them based on my experiences. I have reserved my

review of your company pending the outcome of this billing.

"I will not barter,be intimidated,or blackmailed by anyone that threatens me with a tasteless review unless I meet their demands."

I have requested an offset for the electrical repair that we paid as a result of your nail.

"Absolutely not."

Please let us know how you would like to redress these issues, if at all.

Then we will let you know when to expect payment.

"1) Flag the customer as default.

2) Apply Line item #2 for default interest. (1025.00) plus 1.5% monthly $15.30x4 months default $61.20 Total due

3) Re-issue invoice of 1086.20 due by 8/15/2014 by email

4) Turn over folder and all communications to Mr. Vera

5) If payment is not received by 8/15/2014 Direct Mr. Vera to file mechanic lein and peruse lawsuit.

6) 8/18/2014 Combine court cost,attorney fees and default invoice into one and send over to collections

7) 8/18/2014 Default ourselves on the Roofing supplys bill of $983.21. Let Penny know the customer did not pay their bill and she is welcome to file a second lien and lawsuit right behind ours."

My final response:

The review won't be tasteless. It will be factual. I'll include your defenses as well. I don't view my membership in the YELP community as a way to blackmail companies but rather a way to share experiences- good and bad- with the community so that others can make informed decisions.

Now that we have had our chance to air our grievances and we know exactly where you stand on them, we'll go ahead and make payment. We can call in with credit card or send a check. Preference?

5 stars Customer since 2013

When I called for service, you responded to my request and showed up when promised. You performed the work timely and fixed the problem. I will continue to use Clear Choice Roofing..

5 stars Customer since 2014

I am pleased with the work and worker.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Chris showed up a few minutes early. He was courteous and thorough. He explained what he found and how he would correct it.

5 stars Customer since 2014

The work was done as agreed to. My only suggestion is for the technician to leave a receipt or note at the door showing the work was completed.

5 stars Verified customer

The team was on time and did an excellent job with our roof maintenance. Professional and courteous team onsite, as well as office staff. Thanks!