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The dental assistant was pleasant and social. She was knowledgeable and patient. The dentist was able to immediately identify the problem areas of my mouth and the causes (i.e. cement left in my gums from an previous dentists work at a different location), which was causing infection. The dentist help me identify different options to help me save money on dental costs. The dentist and staff attempted to meet my picky needs and still tried to provide me with as much comfort as possible. I will be returning.

2 stars

I was told that I had a handfull of issues needing to be done and at a significant cost. I was then told that my insurance didnt cover much. I also found it odd that the Dentist was booked all day but suddenly had an opening and they wanted me to get the work done right then and there. What stood out is I recently transfered to the area after having an oral exam 7 months ago and none of these signs were found. This struck me odd seeing as I pay extremely well for the best insurance coverage. I decided not to move forward with the procedure and get a second opinion. Not only did I find out that my insurance covered 100% for exams but that they covered 80% of the work being suggested. The worst part was the 2nd Dentist didnt find any of the issues warranting these fees. I paid Coast an examination fee only to find out later that my insurance covers me up to 2 exams per calandar year. This poor buisness practice has since turned me away from Coast Dental. Im curious to how many others have experienced the same or similar situation.

1 stars Verified customer

This was the worst dental visit I've ever had. They were pushy with unnecessary tests and items not covered by insurance then tried to slip in extra items without asking. Also charged an extra $20 for two different types of X-Rays which never occured with any other dentist. They claimed it was being thorough but I think it was being greedy to file extra insurance claims. They tried to include a credit card application in with my medical forms. When I told the receptionist I wasn't interested she told me I just needed more information on it. I should have walked out the door immediately. Will never return to this dentist, now I need to figure out how to get a second opinion as the number of issues they magically found doesn't line up with any of my last dental visits. It is SAD and DISGUSTING that corporations like this prey on individuals who are seeking good medical care to recommend unnecessary procedures. If my second opinion comes back as I expect, I'll be filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau and fighting to have this dentist removed from our insurance program.

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A filling fell out the night before - I just walked in at 8:30 when they opened. The tooth couldn't be saved. They called my insurance, set up the surgery, FAXed my office with a work excuse, and set me up for a follow-up. They couldn't have done it better.

5 stars

I had my annual check up due so I decided to go here based on a recommendation from a friend. The staff was very pleasant and worked well together. Dr Kabani was very professional and actually listened to my concerns and provided gentle treatment. She explained every concern in detail and made me feel like my health was her upmost priority :)

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Both my son and I agreed, that we just experienced

the most thorough teeth cleaning ever. Our hygienist was also very personable and knowledgeable. Thank you very much for the great service!

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The experience with the hygienist was pleasant as usual however the management staff was a nightmare. I had an emergency and had to reschedule my dentist appointment until the next week. When I was done with my visit I went to check out and I questioned the amount due. The office manager told me that there was an extra $25 fee for missing my appointment even though I rescheduled. I explained the situation and asked her to waive the fee. She very rudely told me no. Seeing that I have am patient that spent $4300 in 2011 and nearly $700 already in 2012 I thought a onetime reprieve would be appropriate. I understand that Coast Dental is a large corporation and my payments are a drop in the bucket but the way management rudely handled my situation by giving me the "oh well, not my problem" attitude has forced me to decide to change dentist all together. I need to go somewhere where I am valued as a customer. This is a newer staff and I hope you explain to the office manager that her rudeness of a mere $25 has cost the company thousands. I don't mind paying for services as long as I am treated as if I am valued.

Johnnetta Bessellieu

Coast Dental Duluth replied:

Thank you for your constructive comments. The district manager is working with the team to help you. You should receive a phone call from the office manager soon.

4 stars Verified customer

From the customer service perspective,the visit was great,timely and with pleasant staff around however there is never a time when the Dentist don't find something wrong with your teeth and gums and try to get those expensive even unoffordable treatments for evey small issue it could be .Just wonder if I'll ever have a normal routine care done as scheduled without pressuring me to have all that proposed itemised care done afterall how bad dental hygiene a person can have to be able to shallout couple of thousands each year for every family member along with insurance.

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This appointment was for a crown which isn't a pleasant experience. This team made the day as comfortable as possible. They work together beautifully. They gave me short breaks several times by stopping and letting me take a deep breath, swallow, etc. I will be going back for another crown in another week. It's not something I look forward to but I know they will "be gentle" once again.

1 stars Verified customer

I have gotten a quote from several dentist and Coast was triple what I was quoted by other dentist. Go with a family owned dentist office not a corp.

Coast Dental Duluth replied:

Thank you for your comment. Coast Dental's standard fees are routinely below the average price for the services provided. When a patient submits a dental insurance plan, Coast Dental must charge the fees contractually determined by the patient's insurance carrier. Our policy is to research insurance coverage and present a thorough treatment plan to the patient including the estimated costs insurance does not cover. Please contact me at [email protected] so that we may address your concern. Thank you.