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My appointment was good. Minimal time, and good work done.

Still upset though over a family member not having the protective thyroid cover during xrays.

I don't casre what the age of the patient or sex, we need to feel that you have our best health in mind and that you are protecting us.

I have NEVER had that protection offered to me in this office. My Doctors would be outraged as I already have thyroid problems and they have told me to always have protection on my neck during dental xrays.

My family members do not know this medical knowledge. It is the dental offices duty to protect my family from this radiation.

This almost caused us to never come back and to find a different Dental company. If it happens one more time we are out of here.

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Had a crown come out. Called the next day and they took me right away. In and out in about 45 minutes. Unheard of these days.

I know, being in a service business myself, you can't always do things on the spot. I do appreciate the fact they had enough flexibility to take me right away when things were slow.

Amy was efficient and accurate as usual. Very caring and friendly.

Cheryl (?) is the best hygienist I've ever had.

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I came in as an emergency case as I broke a toothe.I was told by the dentist they could do a root canal ,post and temp.cap.When the money person came in I was told I had to pay for a permanent cap in order for me to get the temp.Like I said this was an emergency.I had a job interview.In order for this to get done it would be $1500 upfront.Who has that in an emergency.It is not like that in NY.I could not do the care credit thing.I would never go back nor recommend to anyone not even an enemy.

Coast Dental Dunedin replied:

Coast Dental's goal is to provide exceptional customer service and meet our patients' expectations. Treatment is planned according to specific patient clinical needs. Coast Dental, like most providers, has a policy of asking for payment at the time of service. Just as with any dental or medical practice, a patient does have the right to elect treatment; however, Coast clinicians and offices never compromise a patient?s oral health, overall health or well-being by rendering care that might be substandard or inappropriate given a particular patient?s diagnosis. Please contact me at [email protected] directly so that we may address your concern. Thank you.

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Thank you to the entire staff, especially my hygenist! You are all very efficient and adept at your positions, kind,polite, and extremely courteous too. These qualities are so rare in business today. If I ever join "Angie's List" I will nominate you as the place to go for all dental care. Perhaps you are already on it, I never asked? You should be.

Thanks again for the excellent services you have provided me and reasonable costs you charge.

Please don't ever change your customer service policies and always pass them on to new employees.


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What I don't understand is why every time I have xrays, I have to request the shield for my thyroid.

So much has been written in health articles about the dangers of radiation on the thyroid, I don't understand why the people working there don't understand this.

I mean, they leave the room, so I guess they don't want more exposure.

I have thyroid problems, and my Doctors have instructed me to be sure the thyroid is covered, but I am not protected there, and I have had your technologists argue with me about how save it is.

Just want to say, it's my thyroid, and you should care more about our health than to make the patient always have to request protection.

Everything else about my appointment was good.

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I was faced with an urgent need for dental services (not emergency).

Coast Dental Dunedin saw me the next morning.

The staff was courteous, caring and professional. They clearly explained my needs, options and their recommendations. They were organized and thorough even though they were very busy that day.

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I actually got a pleasant greeting and a smile when I came in!

Sheri was her usual pleasant self. Very efficient and accurate. She asked if I was ok at regular intervals. Nice conversation, as much as you can with that stuff in your mouth, and she didn't capitalize on the situation by doing all the talking.

All in all a pretty good visit.

My wife and I had to go to another dentist for a special procedure and they said Coast didn't have a very good reputation. I found it very good.

5 stars Customer since 2011

Everyone there is do professional and nice. My cleaning was a comforable experence. Not dreading the Dentist there.

5 stars Customer since 2012

friendly staff and great work done on my teeth