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What others had to say

1 stars Verified customer

Not great compared to what it was at the Skillman center. Did not find it very friendly.

1 stars

Rushing me into getting a poorly finished temporary crown only to tell me that the next step (a root canal) would not be possible for another 2 months was unacceptable. Also, the communication around the procedures was incredibly unclear and constantly seemed to result in added charges. Finally, the office was dirty - there were dead wasps in the overhead lights and the mirror used by the dentist was not fully cleaned when the technician set it out on the tray. Never again.

1 stars

Rude staff

3 stars

Waited too long

2 stars

The hygienist was great but 25 minutes late for my appointment

2 stars

The procedure of my regular tooth cleaning yesterday was especially painful. When I asked the reason, I was told because I chose a cleaning method not appropriate for the condition of my gum. Why did the practitioner not inform me beforehand? I am sure I would have appreciated her professional input instead of experiencing the excruciating pain!

And it took a while for the dentist to show up and examine me afterwards. If it were not I request it, I might wait even longer.

2 stars Verified customer

Why can you guys have the paper work pre filled since we are your patient. Plus the attitude of front line should be customer friendly.

2 stars

stuck paper towel into mouth, and poked gum a little

2 stars Verified customer

The hygienist at Brighter Dental is amazing. Unfortunately, the front desk staff are the worst. Dental offices depend so much on bright and energetic (and FRIENDLY!) front desk staff. And it is just too bad that the front desk staff at Brighter Dental are so bad. I will be switching dentists at this point and definitely would not recommend this practice to anyone.

2 stars

Doctor seemed knowledgeable; however, the staff at the front desk were so impatient and outright unfriendly. Please recognize that the patients coming in are already upset and worried about the health of their teeth; we don't need you to be irritated at us.