95.0% would refer friends and family to us

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Great pratice. Grandkids have been going here for years

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Love Dr. ADA. Best dentist. Best Staff.

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It was a great experience for my little one. Thank you!

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The doctor was very nice and thorough

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The waiting time was very long, the appointment was at 3:30 and she was not called to the room until 3.45. Which is very out the ordinary, usually the waiting time never exceeded more than 20 min in the past.

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Always a pleasant and thorough visit. I can ask all the questions I want and leave with a better understanding.

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Excellent doctor and staff! Krista at the front desk took the time to go over my treatment plan in detail and even offered me advice on getting some of my work covered by insurance. Will definitely be coming back and brining my family!

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I should have gone with my gut instinct and NEVER returned to this office after our 1st bad experience! But I thought maybe it was just that..." A bad 1st experience". However, I made the decision to bring my child back hoping it would be different. I was wrong!

Our daughter has special needs and also has Sensory Processing Disorder, so I know the dentist can be overwhelming for her. I make this very clear when scheduling her apts. Usually durring past apts they've used laughing gas to help put her at ease, however for this apt they chose not too due to "Covid Precautions", which I would've understood had they informed me prior to our visit. Then we sat in the room for not 1 but 2 full movies (The Santa Clause and Home alone) before the dentist came in. After numbing my child (which was done with ease and not one tear) the dentist left again for about 45 minutes to an hour. Durring that time I asked the assistant to turn on the tool and show my daughter an example of the sounds she would be hearing, which she did thankfully. Once again I explained that she's Sensory Sensitive and asked if they had headphones. They did not. Finally the dentist came in and started to work on my child. At that time the assistant asked the Dr. If she had gotten to another room yet, and the Dr. was annoyed stating "no you never told me about that patient", and they began to argue. The Dr. then stopped the procedure on my child to go and work on another patient. Leaving the room angry and leaving my child to sit and wait AGAIN. Once she returned she began drilling and my daughter started to cry, saying it was painful. I asked if its possible the numbing medicine started to wear off considering it had been quiet awhile. Clearly annoyed with me and my child she said, "if she stops crying I can finish". At this point my child began to shake uncontrollably and started choking. The dentist threw herself back in her chair and was furious. My child stated she felt as though she was going to throw up and the dentist AGAIN said "well if you just calm down I could finish". Once I got my child calmed enough to finish the dentist began to work again. I stood by attempting to sooth my child and noticed the assistant watching the movie instead of cleaning out the blood in my childs mouth. In the same moment my daughter began to choke again and the dentist reached over and struck the assistant on the shoulder telling her to pay attention and clean out the wound. After all was said and done I asked the Dr. why they didn't use the laughing gas as they used to and she stated "its just too hard to clean those tubes". Once AGAIN I asked if there was a better way to deal with special needs children, and she said to ask the front desk, who then gave me a referral to someone else.

Upon arriving home so upset at our experience I filled my husband in on what had happened and when he called the office to ask about procedure in this situation, they told him that this whole experience was MY fault because they weren't aware that my child had special needs! Needless to say I will NEVER bring my child back to this office!!!

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My daughter had dental work done and the doctor and her assistant was amazing. My daughter told me she likes the doctor. Everyone was amazing

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Friendly and efficient