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2 stars Verified customer

My visit was a bit of a dissapointment.

Starting from the moment we checked in our treatments were not correct. We had both booked the exact same treatments, however, this wasn't the case when we arrived. The sweet young lady that checked us in apologized and fixed the issue.

The spa is beautiful and the staff the day of were fantastic, however, it wasn't the experience I had hoped for.

My girlfriend and I had treatments at the same time. She went back at least 10 minutes before me. Then after entering my treatment room my therapist spent another prolonged amount of time "upselling me" and I agreed to get the green tea eye treatment. She left the room for a 2nd time. When she returned she applied the tea bags and they were so wet my eardrums filled with water. She quickly cleaned up the mess and apologized but I felt yet again my time for my treatment was cheated. When she did work on me - she did a great job. BUT, I not only got called back later I was finished much sooner than my girlfriend. Had my robe had pockets and I was able to carry my phone - I would have been able to see how much time was actually spent on my treatment.

Then we ordered lunch which was a bit pricey. So again my expectations were high. I am gluten free and noted this to our server and after waiting for a very long time (along with another group of unhappy women) my meal came out with croutons on it.

My facial was fantastic and so was my therapist. Even though it was only a 30 minute treatment it felt much longer then my massage.

Lastly, when we checked out I was surprised to see that gratuity was automatically included and there were no lunch details just a total????

I felt the sweet woman that did my facial deserved a much greater tip then the woman who did my massage. I had to ask to change and felt it not only presumptuous but also an inconvenience .

4 stars Verified customer

Our intake was a bit annoying. The woman helping us didn’t seem prepared or to know we had been there many times. When we asked for a wine list so we could chose a bottle of champagne, she replied “tell me what you want. we have every kind.” It took several attempts and the help of another attendant to get this accomplished.

The services were great. But again, they spoke to us like it was our first time and they had to give us their little sales pitch. Great for first timers, annoying and trite for repeat customers.

Still the experience is absolutely wonderful for a couple particularly if you get Villa Perfect for some time after your treatment.

2 stars Verified customer

Facial was excellent. Mandy, the aesthetician, was extremely knowledgeable, pleasant.& professional.

SUGGESTION: The spa could make it easier for guests to spend their $$ at the spa. They should provide spa menus/brochures. It took an "act of Congress" to get a spa menu printed.

For a guest to view the spa menu online, via a cellphone, the menu's layout is unwieldy...at 16 pages. I respectfully asked for a printed spa menu (as I did during my last visit here this spring & was met w/the following response): "Due to COVID-19, we don't.print spa menus." This response is very perplexing because.presumably, in a spa, services involve human contact, therefore, how does the presence of Covid, preclude a spa menu from being printed in a hard-copy format? This illogical explanation clearly insults the intelligence of the spa guest. Such a response leads the spa guest to conclude that the elimination of printed spa menus is clearly due to.cost-cutting measures, and NOT "due to COVID." For a business to seek additional services from a client, I'm sure you would.agree that insulting the intelligence of a guest is not the best method.

5 stars Verified customer

Truly one of the most relaxing days I’ve ever enjoyed.

5 stars Verified customer

It was wonderful as always

5 stars Verified customer

Outstanding! Everyone was so friendly and nice. I enjoyed my birthday there! IM

5 stars Verified customer

Best spa experience I've ever had. Hands down.

5 stars Verified customer

Our anniversary weekend , we were treated like royalty from beg. To the end . They made our room very special for us w welcoming specials thru out . The complete staff was exceptionally friendly . It was our first time at the hotel and we are so very happy to have chosen the Eau ! We can say w the utmost sincerity , this place is the total pkg . We are in luv w this hotel !!

4 stars Verified customer

My experience was wonderful. It would have been great if the water in the hot tub was hot instead of warm and wpuld be great if the water outside on the terrace was a little heated instead of being ice cold. The heated marble chairs were occupied most of the time so we didn't get to enjoy it as much as we wanted to but ww plan to visit the spa again. The service was amazing and the amenties provided were fantastic. The facial was one of the best I have experienced as well. It rained the day we booked so we didn't experience the lunch in the court yard but I am sure that would be a fabulous experience in the future. My sister and I felt very pampered and hope to visit again.

4 stars Verified customer

I went for my birthday and had a wonderful experience as each employee made me feel special. Starting it off with a Tiara, champagne and a cupcake. My aesthetician was amazing and gave me some great tips for self care. Although the services are very pricey, I look forward to going back to the spa and enjoy more of its amenities (sauna, lounge areas, etc).

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Everyone at the office is great and professional while also being friendly. I highly recommend this place!
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