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2 stars Verified customer

I purchase a Z20b electric scooter and have had some issues. They have quality issues with the product. To make it usable I changed the mirrors, tires (size helped correct MPH to close to REAL MPH. Shocks are nearly worthless even when new. I must have been lucky as mine worked for about 2yrs before it died. Controller and circuit breaker. Could not get a replacement breaker. I am in process of putting back (I hope) in operation using a DIFFERENT breaker I had to hunt down. I also had made thicker gauge inter-battery cables. The ones supplied are too thin for current demands.

Chico, CA

1 stars Verified customer

This company, and I really use the word company loosely, wasted about $3000 of my money on a useless and unsafe electric R-20 scooter. They did not back up their product and were not responsive with help. Please stay far, far away from their products. They are not reputable. There have been lawsuits against them regarding their poor electric scooter product quality. I would love to see reputable electric scooters on the market, but this company unfortunately is not to be trusted. Definitely a case of buyer beware. I was one of those buyers who pre-ordered my scooter from them and it was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made.

1 stars Customer since 2007

I purchased a Z20 Electric Scooter at some point in 2007 and didn't receive it until January of 2008. It definitely wasn't what was advertised. The speedometer read about 10mph fast, so it didn't go as fast as EVT America claimed it would. I tried to contact customer service about the possibility of adjusting the headlights and received no response.

About April, when the outside temperature started heating up, the controller would overheat and the Scooter was useless. I ended up selling the batteries for the core charge and junking the rest of it. These Scooters are no more than toys, made in China, that shouldn't be taken past the end of the driveway. Don't buy anything from EVT America. I can't believe they are operating under the same name.

1 stars Customer since 2007

Perhaps I had bad luck, but my z20 started falling apart immediately and the batteries wouldn't hold much of a charge, followed by the charger no longer working. A huge waste of A LOT of money.

1 stars Customer since 2007

I purchased their R-20 retro scooter in Oct. 2007. Due to manufacturing and shipping delays, I did not receive it until February 2008. From day one the scooters exhibited problems. EVT worked with me to fix the simple, cosmetic ones, but never to satisfaction. There was a continual overheating issue in the controller which they knew about and did not fix. This issue was dangerous as it caused the scooter to shutdown all of a sudden after only 10 min of use. This happened to me several times in the middle of traffic while I was riding it. After numerous attempts to get the controller replaced under warranty and several months of no responses , I simply gave up. They do not stand behind their products or customers. I do not recommend EVTAmerica at all. I suggest users research on the web in sites specific to EV's, such as visforvoltage.org, before buying anything.